Mark Hamill’s Star Wars Jokes Are Beat, And So Is His Face, My God

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Disheveled-looking actor, Mark Hamill, joined White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre as she spoke with reporters at the White House on May 3 and made a total ass of himself.

The famous actor, who played Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars,” somehow thought it would be funny as hell to crack “Star Wars” jokes at the podium. As much as we want to trash him for his corny-jokes, they took a back seat to his hideous face that looked like it hadn’t been washed all year. The man has enough money to get someone to help him wash up but clearly didn’t care to scrub his face or comb his hair before the press briefing.

Hamill looked like a homeless man trying on someone else’s suit, as he faced the press and unleashed a slew of tacky “Star Wars” jokes. A little shave would have gone a long way for him. He fell even lower when he launched right into nicknaming President Biden, much to the dismay of social media users all over the country, who quickly fired off insults online.

“How many of you had ‘Mark Hamill will lead the press briefing’ on your bingo cards?” Hamill asked reporters while wearing sunglasses.

“I just got to meet the president, and he gave me these aviator glasses,” he said.

“I called him ‘Mr. President.’ He said, ‘You can call me Joe.'”

Hammill added, “I said, ‘Can I call you Joe-B-Wan Kenobi?'” as he played up Biden’s name to match the famed Jedi master.

He said a bunch of other shit, but most people tuned him out. His jokes fell flat, his overall appearance was sloppy and it’s clear the washed-up actor hasn’t “washed up” for a while. (RELATED: White House Reporter Gets Booed After Admitting She Never Watched Star Wars)

He may want to consider bringing on a stylist for his next appearance.