‘I Think They Said F**k You’: Josh Hart Officially Deserves Superstar Status After Hilarious Reggie Miller Antic

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How can you not love this guy?

NBA legend and current TNT broadcaster Reggie Miller was back in Madison Square Garden to help call Wednesday night’s Game 2 between the Indiana Pacers and New York Knicks.

If you don’t know, New Yorkers can’t stand Miller because of the iconic playoff warfare between his Pacers and the Knicks back in the 1990s, and fans made that perfectly clear as they chanted “f**k you, Reggie” during the contest.

Knicks shooting guard Josh Hart took complete advantage of the situation, making himself an instant New York legend. With 30 seconds left to go in the Knicks’ victory, Hart walked over to the TNT desk where Miller was at with a message.

“I think they said f**k you,” said Hart.

This guy already had me with the whole Mike & Ike endorsement deal

But this whole scene with Reggie Miller?

Ha! This dude is a legend for this! My man gave zero effs about the game being on national television! (RELATED: Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic Continues To Steamroll The NBA With 3rd MVP In 4 Years)

The Knicks as a fanbase, organization and muthableepin’ record label are getting all out revenge right now on “Winning Time”!

I might be a Miami Heat fan, but I can’t lie … I’m diggin’ what’s going on in New York City right now.