Target Only To Sell ‘Pride’ Collection Online, At Select Stores After Backlash

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Target announced Thursday that it will only sell its LGBT “Pride” collection online and at select stores in 2024 following backlash over the collection in 2023.

Target assured customers that the retailer continues to “support and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community” in a company fact sheet. Only later was it mentioned that the availability of products themed around sexual orientations and gender identities would be limited based on “customer feedback” and “historical sales performance.”

“We’re offering a collection of products including adult apparel and home and food and beverage items, curated based on customer feedback. The collection will be available at and in select stores, based on historical sales performance,” the fact sheet stated.

Target reported decreased sales and profit expectations for the first time in six years in August 2023 following outrage over the release of LGBT “Pride” products marketed toward children. Among the items were youth bathing suits labeled as “trans-friendly” with “tuck-friendly construction.” (RELATED: Brand Recalled After ‘Small Animal’ Remains Discovered In Loaves)

Target CEO Brian Cornell pushed back against the boycotts against his company in November 2023. He told CNBC’s Becky Quick that Target was not selling “transgender bathing suits,” adding that there was “very aggressive behavior at store level” because of its LGBT “Pride” collection.

Target plans to host “internal events and experiences” surrounding LGBT “Pride” for its employees, according to the fact sheet. The retailer will also participate in “local Pride events” in the store’s “hometown” of Minneapolis and across the United States.

Target also pledged to continue funding “LGBTQIA+ organizations year-round,” naming the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) among others in its announcement. The HRC has supported the ability of children to undergo gender transition and use “puberty blockers” despite parental opposition.