‘Cut Of Beef’: Nicholas Galitzine Whines That People Treat Him Like A Sex Symbol Instead Of A Serious Actor

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Actor Nicholas Galitzine said in an interview released May 8 that the attention he gets for his good looks frustrates him.

The actor whined about being a sex-symbol in Hollywood — something most would consider a huge compliment. The star spoke to GQ about how frustrated he was that he’s not taken seriously as an actor, and the whole thing sounds like a bratty complaint that he’d be better off keeping to himself.

“I think the most important thing to me is that I’m taken seriously as a performer,” he said. “I’m not gonna ask you to cry me a river here, but it’s been difficult being part of a conversation that feels very much like I am a cut of beef at a meat market.”

Galitzine’s insecurities are apparently a big deal to him. He told the publication he used to be “disgusted in some ways” by his very own face. He described his facial features and his “rugby-player thighs” and “big arse.” The more I read the interview, the more I felt like a little violin should come out and play for him. Did it bring tears to my eyes to hear that his stunning good looks are scoring him big Hollywood roles? Not really.

The 29-year-old actor appears opposite Anne Hathaway in the new romantic comedy “The Idea of You” and is making bank on his roles in front of the camera. The camera loves him, as do the casting directors. All of this makes me wonder what he really expected when auditioning for acting jobs.

Did he think he’d score more parts by being ugly? This whole interview baffled me. Some actors are humble and charming as they try toning down any emphasis that’s put on their aesthetic appearance, and that’s fine — but this was just plain weird. Would he really feel better if viewers said he looked hideous, or would that launch a whole other pity-party?

“I think that being my defining feature is something I’m constantly terrified of,” he said.

Perhaps he’s in the wrong line of work. (RELATED: Legendary Italian Actress Admits She Wasn’t ‘Bothered’ By Men Turning Her Into Sex Symbol)

Galitzine also stars in “Mary & George” with Julianne Moore and in the 2023 film, “Red, White and Royal Blue.”