Drugs Worth $2 Million Twice Misdelivered To Maine Residence

Image not from story (Drug Enforcement Administration/Handout via REUTERS)

John Oyewale Contributor
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Two parcels of illegal pills weighing nearly 30 pounds combined and potentially worth $2 million on the street were delivered to an incorrect address in central Maine, police said Wednesday.

A resident from the town of Winslow complained to the Winslow Police Department (WPD) that they received a parcel from a California address May 3, 2024 which they neither ordered nor were expecting, WPD Deputy Chief Randy Wing said in a statement. The parcel was opened and found to contain multiple pills that were presumptively identified as fentanyl, according to the statement.

A second parcel containing more fentanyl pills arrived at the same address May 4, 2024, according to the statement. Both packages reportedly weighed 29.5 pounds combined.

“The street value of a gram of Fentanyl is between $150-200, and pills can sell for as much as $60 each. The potential street value could be up to 2 million dollars,” Wing stated.

The WPD statement evoked a mixture of public relief, bewilderment and alarm. (RELATED: ‘Unwavering Efforts’: Authorities In One Field Office Impound Drugs Worth Over $5 Million In Two Weeks)

“Whoever messed up that address will be a goner,” a commenter reacted on Facebook to the statement.

“Yikes that much Fentanyl could kill every person in this state and then some…Glad it was intercepted before it was on the streets,” said another.

“Wondering how many havmt [sic] been caught,” said another.

“Please move the homeowners into protective custody while you guys investigate this,” another replied the WPD. “That is a lot of money to be made and it’s Cali…. They will come looking for answers and be more than furious when they find out it’s in polices [sic] custody I’m sure.. yikes.”

“Imagine a kid home alone & thought it was candy,” commented another.

“How are packages not scanned for this and other potentially hazardous materials?!” wondered another.

Others wondered if the packages were actually misdelivered as the deliveries ended up at the same address.

An investigation into the incident was initiated and the WPD had no further information to release at the time, Wing said in the statement.