‘Is Now The Time For This Disruption?’: Fox Host Presses Marjorie Taylor Greene On Attempt To Remove House Speaker

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo pressed Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on “Sunday Morning Futures” over the congresswoman’s recent attempt to remove Speaker of the House Mike Johnson through a motion to vacate.

The House of Representatives swatted down Greene’s attempt to vacate Johnson from the role Wednesday evening in a 359-43 vote. While 10 Republicans supported the Georgia congresswoman’s move, the rest of the party voted to preserve Johnson’s speakership alongside 163 Democrats, with seven voting “present.”

“You’re being criticized, Congresswoman, because of the timing. We’re six months away from an election and you are ‘creating disruption.’ What do you want to say to those people who are criticizing you for these efforts?” Bartiromo asked.

“You know, the disruption, the chaos and the drama is in American peoples’ lives,” Greene responded. “My friends and family are regular people and my constituents are regular people that are sick and tired of being kicked in the teeth every single day by the stupid decisions in Washington, D.C.”

President Joe Biden said he would restrict aid to Israel if the country decided to invade Rafah after Johnson’s foreign aid supplemental funding Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan — and excluded U.S. border security — was signed into law. Greene told Bartiromo that Congress should focus on the “wide open” U.S.-Mexico border rather than foreign aid.

Greene also claimed she offered to stop the motion to vacate if Johnson would commit to defunding Jack Smith, the special counsel in Trump’s classified documents case. Johnson told Politico Wednesday that, although the “whole system has been abused,” defunding Smith is “not something you wave a wand and just eliminate.” (RELATED: ‘Against The Law’: Jack Smith’s Staged Docs Photo Could Throw Major Wrench In Case Against Trump, Lawyers Say)

“Final question, and I go back to what I asked earlier about the timing — you say you’re supporting President Trump, but is now the time for this disruption — six months before the election — to fight to get a new speaker in place?” Bartiromo asked. “You know why the Democrats always roll over the Republicans, because they all stick together, they all vote the same way. You don’t.”

“Well, actually, this time the Democrats and the Republicans stuck together and exposed the uniparty like it’s never been seen before,” Greene said. “You know, and I just spoke with President Trump yesterday about this and, while he says now is not the time, I’m gonna be listening to him. But he also said — and he said it in his statement publicly — that it may happen, that the time may come. So, even though — if I wanted to do it again this week — the Democrats have already stepped in and saved Johnson but, again, I’ll reiterate this, Maria, and the most important thing everyone needs to know: the people want a Republican Party that will fight.”