Boxing Megastar Tyson Fury’s Lunatic Father Cracks His Own Face Open In Pre-Fight Scuffle


Robert McGreevy Contributor
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Blood poured from John Fury’s head in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Monday after Fury, the father of boxing megastar Tyson Fury, headbutted an associate of Oleksandr Usyk, who Tyson is set to fight Thursday, video posted to social media shows.

John Fury was embroiled in a heated back-and-forth with members of Usyk’s camp in what appeared to be a hotel lobby in Riyadh, a video Box Nation TV posted to Twitter shows.  In the clip, Usyk’s camp shouts their champion’s name while John and the rest of the entourage chant “Fury!” in response.

Then, as John Fury appears to be walking away, one member of Usyk’s camp gets up close and personal and Fury headbutts him square in the skull, the video shows.

The others then quickly separate the pair as Fury’s face opens up and starts gushing blood.

“Now do I give a fuck?!?” Fury screams as the blood cascades down his face. “We can’t be beat!” (RELATED: New Rules Just Made Mike Tyson’s Fight A Death Match)

Fury later explained that he was defending his son’s honor and the man he headbutted was invading his personal space.

“He got what he got and that’s the end of it,” he told IFL TV.

This is pretty terrifying. John Fury, a former boxer in his own right, is a six-foot-three-inch Irish gypsy savage (I can say that, I’m Irish.)

Imagine you’re some dude getting ready to fight Tyson Fury, already a daunting task in its own right given that Fury is the reigning world heavyweight champion and has a good six inches in height on Usyk. But then imagine you’re preparing for your fight and one of your crew guys comes back like, “Hey, yeah Fury’s dad just headbutted a 22-year-old kid. Yeah, our corner guy. Didn’t give a fuck. His head started bleeding and everything and he just kept barking at us. Didn’t even wipe the blood from his face.”

That’s some next level pre-fight mind game chicanery right there. It likely wasn’t premeditated at all, considering John Fury is a documented lunatic. But if it was planned, that’s some next level 4D chess from the Fury camp. Get into your opponents head by physically damaging your own. It’s genius.