Notoriously Dumb NFL Star Rob Gronkowski Is Apparently A Mathematical Savant

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Former New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has earned a reputation for being a meathead and a frat boy in NFL circles, but according to one former teammate, Gronk has a penchant for numbers.

Despite garnering an endless stream of “ha, Gronk dumb” jokes during Netflix’s roast of Tom Brady, Gronk is apparently somewhat of a savant with numbers, his former Pats teammate Julian Edelman told the Pardon My Take podcast Monday. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Rob Gronkowski Ends One Of The Greatest Debates In All Of Football With Brady Over Belichick Pick)

Edelman was recounting to the Barstool podcast hosts a joke he ultimately decided not to use in the roast. “This is one of the jokes, I was gonna have Gronk in on it,” Edelman explained. “Everyone has this big old thing out for Gronk that he’s, you know, kind of a dumb, simple guy. A dumb dumb. And it’s not true, he’s actually a savant with numbers. Watch. Gronk what’s 69 minus 37?” (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Rob Gronkowski Gives Outright Hilarious ‘No’ After Question On Men In Women’s Sports)

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“32!” Edelman exclaimed, imitating Gronk.

“That’s right Gronk, the same number of teams that would rather lose than have a conversation with coach Belichick,” Edelman joked, poking fun at the fact that no NFL team hired legendary Patriots coach Bill Belichick following his New England ouster. (RELATED: Tom Brady’s Netflix Roast Was Chock-Full Of Glorious Non-Woke Hilarity: Here Are The Top 11 Moments)

“That’s a good one, you should’ve done that,” the show’s host Dan Katz told Edelman.

“I know,” Edelman replied.

“But he would have had to nail that 32,” Katz replied

Apr 15, 2024; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Former NFL player Rob Gronkowski reacts to throwing out a ceremonial first pitch prior to the game between the Cleveland Guardians and Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Apr 15, 2024; Boston, MA, USA; Former New England Patriots tight end and honorary Grand Marshall Rob Gronkowski poses for photos on the finish line of the 2024 Boston Marathon: Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

Apr 15, 2024; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Former NFL tight end Rob Gronkowski prior to the game between the Cleveland Guardians and Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

“Is that why you didn’t do it?” the show’s other host, PFT Commenter, asked.

“No, he would’ve got it. I’m telling you right now, Gronk knows numbers bro,” Edelman said excitedly.

“I think he just knows 69-based math,” PFT joked.

“No, this guy, he can count,” Edelman relayed. “I’m telling you, whenever we used to talk contracts … I would always bust his balls, like oh watch, ‘what’s the square root of this Gronk? 144.’ He’d be like ’12 dude,'” Edelman relayed.


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I’ll be completely honest here, I would have bet the house against Gronk being good at math. Based on pretty much everything I’ve read about him, he’s a classic blockhead.

Whether it was his roast set, which didn’t even really have any written jokes so much as it was simply a 12-minute stream of consciousness consisting of him calling Brady and Edelman gay the whole time, or his draft day story about how he got in trouble with New England five minutes after they drafted him. There’s a myriad of source material pointing to the fact that Gronk’s an idiot. But when Edelman puts it this way, I can kind of see it. In some Rainman-esque way, it kind of makes sense.