People Are Losing Their Minds Over The Rumored $150 Price For EA Sports’ ‘College Football 25’

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Good googly moogly … and I still need to get a PS5.

Social media was set ablaze Sunday night over another potential update on EA Sports‘ “College Football 25,” this after Twitter account @IsItOutEA dropped a screenshot that allegedly shows the database of Gamestop having the Heisman edition of the video game at a whopping $149.99. (RELATED: Over 12,800 Real Student-Athletes Will Be Featured In EA Sports’ ‘College Football 25’)

But don’t trip too hard … the standard edition will be a much more affordable $69.99 (allegedly).

It’s clear that EA Sports is trying to take advantage of the hype (if all of this is true), and if we had a company, we’d be doing the same thing, so you can’t blame ’em for attempting to get max profit. Plus, they have a lot of leverage to do so. Fans (including myself) have been waiting an incredible 11 years for a new college football game. The last one that we had was back in 2013 with “NCAA Football 14,” and a new video game has been in such high demand, that ’14 has turned into an expensive collector’s item that you still want to play because it’s the last one. As we all know, the gaming came to an end because of the NCAA not wanting to pay and then a war erupting in a lawsuit. So yeah, like I said, EA Sports has a mountain of leverage here.

Here’s how social media has been reacting about the possible news:

Looks like I’ll be spending a nice chunk of change this summer…