‘I Blame The Media’: Watch Reality Dawn On ‘The View’ As They Realize Bragg Trial May Actually Help Trump

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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“The View” co-hosts lamented how the constant coverage of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s trial may actually help former President Donald Trump.

The co-hosts could not seem to make sense of how President Joe Biden is falling behind in national polling against the “disgraced, twice impeached” Trump. CNN’s Fareed Zakaria cited an NBC poll from January finding 48% of surveyors believe Trump is “more competent and effective” as of January 2024, while 32% said the same of Biden.

“Well I would say when you say the Biden campaign should get more active, I actually blame the media slightly,” co-host Sara Haines said. “We talked last week a lot about how I don’t think people are able to watch this Trump trial 24/7 — like all the time. Like it’s a still shot, it’s a picture of a door, all this stuff. Now, we’re talking about, we’re in a campaign — we should be hearing more. We say why aren’t we hearing from the Biden administration? I don’t leave all of that on the Biden administration’s door. The media needs to cover things. For example, abortion is a number one issue for Democrats — women’s reproductive health. Vice President Kamala Harris did an event last week. I couldn’t find any coverage on it, and that’s a Democrat’s winning stance.”

Haines criticized the media for abruptly cutting Biden’s Tuesday speech on antisemitism and Holocaust remembrance to cover the trial.

“What’s happening here is Donald Trump is Donald Trumping us,” Haines continued. “It’s deja-vu from 2016 and the coverage, the irony is the people covering that news thinks they’re getting one up on Donald Trump while they’re handing him a lot of votes because of the coverage. It’s ridiculous.” (RELATED: MSNBC Panel Can’t ‘Make Sense’ Of New Poll Showing Americans Think Biden Is Bigger Threat To Democracy) 

Co-host Ana Navarro agreed the trial is “somewhat helping” Trump by ignoring the alleged “stupid stuff he says” while he is on the campaign trail. She said the 2024 election is a choice “between good and evil,” along with “decency and havoc.”

“If you don’t vote because you’re issuing a protest vote, you’re gonna wake up the day after Election Day with a lot of remorse if Donald Trump is the president for the next four years,” Navarro said of young people frustrated with both candidates. “And I know that people like me saying this to the kids doesn’t work, we have to figure out a way … but there is not one group that these kids are protesting over that will be in a better place under Donald Trump. Whether it is climate, whether it is reproductive rights, whether it’s Israel and Gaza, there is not one group that will be better off under Donald Trump. All of us will be a lot worse off, so get off your butts, and go vote.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin said while she is concerned, the trial will negatively impact Trump as a majority of voters will not vote for the former president if he is convicted. She then criticized former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for speaking “down” to Generation Z voters by saying the anti-Israel voters on college campuses are undereducated on the Middle East.

A May poll conducted by The New York Times/Sienna College found Biden and Trump to be “essentially tied” among 18-to-29-year-olds, indicating that the incumbent president has lost support among young people compared to 2020. Over 60% of the young demographic, along with Hispanic voters, supported Biden in the last election.

An ABC/Ipsos poll found approximately 80% of Trump supporters would stand by the former president if he is convicted in the Bragg trial, while 16% said they would reconsider their support and 4% would refrain from voting for him. A PBS Newshour/NPR/Marist poll found 53% of independents believe Biden’s second term will “weaken America,” while 42% believed Trump would further harm democracy.


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