Video Shows Pearl Jam’s Guitarist Falling Right Off Stage Mid-Concert


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready fell off the stage while rocking out in Vancouver, May 4.

Video footage of the moment he fell recently began circulating on social media. The talented guitar player was in the middle of his highly anticipated guitar solo in the middle of the song “Porch,” when things suddenly went very wrong. The video showed the star vibing and seeming to be completely in his element, but as he walked confidently toward the crowd, he walked right off the stage and fell straight down.

The star musician disappeared immediately after he misstepped and tumbled off the edge. The landing looked hard and sudden and it was obvious from the video footage that he had no idea he was at the end of the stage. It seems unlikely that he could have braced himself for the fall in any way.


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McCready was assisted by a crew member who quickly rushed to the stage and lent a hand. He bent over and assisted the guitarist, who quickly recovered like a pro by getting back on his feet — all while still holding his guitar. McCready shook his head a bit as he adjusted to the situation and continued to play.

The talented musician was far more active on the stage, walking around in every direction while playing. The latter portion of his performance, after the fall, was more subdued, and he stayed visibly further from the edge. (RELATED: ‘I’m A Cyborg Now’: Kid Cudi Shows Images Of His Half-Metal Foot After Surgery)

Pearl Jam wraps up their U.S. leg of the tour soon and will head to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Portugal. The tour ends in Australia, in Nov.