Footage Shows Drug Smugglers Allegedly Testing Remote-Controlled Submarine In Italy, Police Say


Mariane Angela Contributor
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A footage captured drug smugglers reportedly testing remote-controlled submarine, Italian authorities said Tuesday.

Italian authorities made a breakthrough in their battle against international drug trafficking by seizing a remote-controlled submarine, which they believe was intended for drug transport, according to CBS News. This discovery involves a miniature version of the “narco subs” commonly seen in international waters, specifically tailored for stealthy operations. Police surveillance video captured the tiny submarine maneuvering on a water body’s surface.

Investigators in Turin, Italy, discovered a network of suspects allegedly using car wash stations to grow marijuana. During the operation, Carabinieri police found a remote-controlled submarine, CBS News reported. Police intercepted a significant haul of narcotics during the investigation, seizing 204 kilograms of cocaine and hashish. Traffickers transported the drugs through elaborate schemes using vehicles with homemade compartments for discreet cross-border movement.

Reportedly led by two brothers of Albanian origin, this network extended across several countries including Ecuador, Belgium, France, Spain, and Italy. The cocaine likely originated from South America and passed through the Netherlands, while the hashish came from Spain and France, according to police reports, CBS News reported. (RELATED: ‘Unwavering Efforts’: CBP San Diego Officers Impound Drugs Worth Over $5 Million In Two Weeks)

Larger semi-submersibles, which are unable to fully submerge, are favored by international drug traffickers because they can frequently evade detection by law enforcement, according to CBS News. These “narco-subs” are often captured in Colombian waters en route to the United States, Central America, and Europe. The Colombian Navy reported intercepting at least 20 semi-submersibles in 2023, resulting in the seizure of 30 tons of cocaine and over five tons of marijuana.