First Golden Bachelorette Announced

[Screenshot/YouTube/Bachelor Nation on ABC]

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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ABC announced Tuesday their first “Golden Bachelorette” as 61-year-old Joan Vassos.

Vassos, who is from Rockland, Maryland, previously starred in the network’s first “Golden Bachelor” show last season, but her appearance was cut short when she left in week three to care for her daughter who had recently given birth, according to the New York Post.  The 61-year-old is a private school administrator and mother of four with two grandchildren.

“My family will always be first,” Vassos said at the time. “Once you become a mom, you’re always a mom even when your kids are older. Nothing is more important.”

Vassos was previously married for 32 years before her husband passed away in January 2021 from pancreatic cancer, her ABC bio states. (RELATED: ‘Golden Bachelor’ Gerry Turner Files For Divorce Just Three Months Into Marriage)

The network released a video announcing Vassos on their Bachelor Nation platforms Tuesday. The announcement featured the 61-year-old in a golden dress saying, “I’m Joan, and I’m your first ‘Golden Bachelorette.” Vassos responded to the announcement celebration on her Instagram stories saying she was “honored to be #TheGoldenBachelorette!”

“Now, as she steps into the golden spotlight and begins her journey to seek love once more, Vassos envisions a future filled with shared moments by the beach and cherished time with family,” an ABC press release stated Tuesday.

ABC previously announced that the network would be going forward with “The Golden Bachelorette” series in February that seeks to “highlight one radiant woman’s second chance at love in her golden years,” a network press release stated.

The previous “Golden Bachelor” season had become ABC’s “No. 1 unscripted series premiere ever on Hulu,” as 43.4 million total viewers after 35 days tuned in to the show. ABC’s first “Golden Bachelor” from last season, Gerry Turner, and winner Theresa Nist announced last month that the two would be getting a divorce just shortly three months after their marriage.

Vassos’ show is expected to air this fall on ABC while streaming on Hulu the following day.