Sky Sports Soccer Analyst Alessandro Costacurta Suffers Rough (Yet Hilarious) Injury While Live On Television

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Damn, man … talk about a tough break.

When an athlete retires and they take a gig as a television analyst, the word “injury” is the last thing that comes to mind, at least when it comes to themselves. But after this latest incident, former players might want to think again before they start doing their thing on TV. (RELATED: What The…? Soccer Star Edgar Le Allegedly Had His Twin Brother Play For Him In Multiple Dinamo Bucharest Matches)

Saturday night saw AC Milan hammer Cagliari for a 5-1 win, and Sky Sports happened to be broadcasting the game with analyst and former soccer player Alessandro Costacurta on the clock for coverage. And well, things ended up not going well for the Italian. While he was speaking about AC Milan and how they achieved a 1-0 advantage in the first half, Costacurta reenacted a jumping tackle that led The Red and Blacks to the score.

Costacurta, now 58 years old, was running across the studio and then eventually jumped up to attempt a kind of flying leg kick. And in Costacurta’s defense, it was actually a good looking leap … until it wasn’t.


It looks like my man pulled a hamstring, and hey, it’s bound to happen when you’re 58 years old and jumping around like that. I think we should save Costacurta the embarrassment, and I say that because he suffered his injury on live international television.

At the same time though, he does come from a sport that features wild a** headlines like this…

I bet Alessandro doesn’t even give a damn, especially at this point. It’s just a part of the territory.