Algerian Man Missing For 26 Years Discovered Just Minutes From Home, Blamed Captor’s ‘Spell’

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John Oyewale Contributor
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An Algerian man who went missing for 26 years was found in a pit on a neighbor’s property in north-central Algeria and claimed he was put under a spell that prevented him from calling for help, according to reports.

Omar Bin Omran, 45, disappeared aged 17 in 1996 amid the Algerian Civil War, leaving his family to presume him dead in the fighting, The U.S. Sun reported. Bin Omran was found May 12 underneath haystacks in a cellar on the neighbor’s sheep farm, according to the report. Bin Omran reportedly said he could not call for help because his alleged captor had cast a spell on him.

The farm was only about 0.1 miles from Bin Omran’s family home in Djelfa, according to Agance France-Presse. The alleged captor’s brother had grievances against the alleged captor regarding an inheritance dispute and aired details of Bin Omran’s kidnapping on social media, The U.S. Sun revealed. The act reportedly led to the discovery of Bin Omran.

The suspect, a 61-year-old doorman working in the nearby town of El Guedid, attempted to escape but was arrested, Agance France-Presse reported. The alleged captor lived alone, according to The U.S. Sun. (RELATED: Dramatic Video Shows Woman Who Was Held Captive For Two Months Flee Alleged Kidnapper)

“The Djelfa Attorney General’s Office informs the public that on May 12 at 8 pm local time it found victim Omar B, aged 45, in the case of his neighbour, B.A., aged 61,” public prosecutors in Djelfa reportedly said in a statement.

The victim’s mother died while he was missing, and his dog which waited in anticipation of his return also disappeared, The U.S. Sun further reported.

Officials have since opened an investigation, calling the alleged kidnapping “heinous,” and promising that the suspect would be tried with “severity,” according to the report.

Bin Omran reportedly would receive psychological treatment by the prosecutors’ order.