Video Captures Amazon Worker Attempting To Shoot Supervisor At Point-Blank, Misses


Mariane Angela Contributor
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A video captured an Amazon worker in Ohio allegedly attempting to shoot his supervisor at point blank but still misses, TMZ reported Wednesday.

An Amazon security guard’s attempt to allegedly shoot his supervisor in Ohio took a turn, resulting in the guard’s death at the hands of police. Ali Hamsa Yusuf, 22, brought a firearm to work and allegedly tried to shoot his supervisor at point-blank range, an incident captured on surveillance footage, according to TMZ.

The footage reveals Yusuf pulling out the gun and reportedly attempting to fire at his boss, only for the gun to jam. After fixing the issue, Yusuf allegedly fires again but inexplicably misses his target. His supervisor quickly drops to the ground and runs off to protect himself, while Yusuf, appearing spooked, flees the scene, as seen on the video. (RELATED: 7-Eleven Customer Narrowly Dodges Death After Robbery Suspect’s Gun Jams)

The situation escalated as Yusuf attempted to escape, the outlet stated. Police shared body cam footage of the pursuit, showing reportedly Yusuf firing several shots at a police car after being stopped. One of the shots struck an officer’s bulletproof vest, though the officer sustained only minor injuries and has since been discharged from the hospital.

The confrontation ended when officers shot and killed Yusuf as he tried to flee. Authorities have not yet determined Yusuf’s motive for attempting to shoot his supervisor, according to TMZ.