ROOKE: New Secret Tapes From The Left’s Favorite Cult Are Pure Nightmare Fuel

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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The transgender cult is a horror story beyond anything fiction writers could pen. Yet, America’s youth are subjected to it with the wholesale approval of our nation’s medical community.

The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) unearthed shocking videos of doctors discussing so-called “gender-affirming care” for minors. The tapes show that these doctors are not only aware of the disastrous consequences children suffer after receiving these procedures, but are workshopping ways to continue pushing these treatments despite the mounting evidence against them.

In a seven-part series dubbed “The WPATH Tapes,” doctors called the horrific phalloplasty procedure an “adventure,” laughed at parents questioning the mental health of their children and admitted that minor patients with schizophrenia told them that hormone treatments made their psychosis “worse.”

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is the leading organization determining standards of care for transgender patients, both adults and youth, suffering from gender confusion. (Video Shows Prominent Doctors Acknowledging, And Even Challenging, The Experimental Nature Of Sex Change Drugs)

At closed-to-the-public WPATH presentations in September 2022, Canadian plastic surgeon Dr. Alex Laungani shockingly said that he tells his young patients that undergoing phalloplasty surgery is an “adventure” for the doctor and patient, a video shows. In the same speech, he also admitted that serious complications arise from this procedure, which he labels “a few bumps along the way.”

“And young individuals, they’re ready to embark on the adventure. I tell them it’s going to be an adventure. We’re both together in there, because we have to get to your goals, but there’s going to be a few bumps along the way,” said Laungani. “There could be delays because of complications — definitely there will be complications. Either it’s stenosis, fistulas or partial necrosis, wound healing delays and stuff like that.”

While Laungani claims they are “both together” in this “adventure,” it’s far from the truth. The complications are only felt by the child. It’s not the doctor who must endure the inevitable revision surgeries or deal with their flesh rotting away and the pain associated with both. He, like other doctors performing these horrors on children, is not subjected to any consequences when their experimental surgeries inevitably fail thanks to Democrat-controlled state legislatures exempting medical professionals from lawsuits holding them financially or criminally accountable.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio psychiatrist Scott Leibowitz laughed with the crowd during his presentation. He instructed them against telling children that so-called “gender-affirming care” would improve their mental health, according to the video. Not that Leibowitz wants to warn children about the lack of evidence that these treatments are helpful, but because he wants to avoid nagging parents questioning why their child’s mental health isn’t getting better. (Top Psychiatrist Argues Schizophrenic Patients Can Consent To Sex Change Surgeries)

“It’s good for us to think about how important ‘gender-affirming care’ is for the mental health of young people, long-term. But we can’t always over-emphasize how much better people do when they move forward with their ‘gender-affirming care’ transition needs because that puts a lot of pressure on that person to have be ‘perfect’ or not have mental health concerns,” he said.

“I always say to my patients, ‘Now that we are starting testosterone or estrogen, now you can finally have mental health problems,'” he joked. “Because then parents don’t approach the kids saying, ‘How come you’re having mental problems? We thought that the testosterone was going to be the answer!’ I think it’s important that we don’t only produce the narrative of ‘hormones, surgery, blockers lead to automatic life improvement for everybody,’ because people are people, and we are all entitled to our mental health problems.”

Leibowitz also instructed attendees to continue giving kids puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery for their gender confusion despite acknowledging these procedures can make them infertile, according to the video.

Leibowitz said children should be given information about the risks, but that shouldn’t deter medical professionals from staying the course because he believes “adolescents” are capable of understanding the complex complications these “treatments” could bring. (Leader Of Gender Medicine Org Says Binary Sex ‘Doesn’t Really Hold True,’ Cheers On ‘Deconstructed’ Biology)

“An adolescent who says, ‘I don’t really care about [fertility] right now, but I realize I’m a teenager. Maybe when I’m older I could change my mind, but I don’t think I will,’ that … adolescent is capable of understanding that they don’t know what their life may be like,” Leibowitz said.

“That’s the type of young person [who] understands that [the] decisions they’re making now are impacting them and that they could be appropriate for their future or they might not be, and it’s not up to us to say, ‘if your thing is going to change in time, if your priorities are going to change in time, well then we shouldn’t do this.’ No, it’s to say, ‘Great, you understand that. Now let’s move forward with what you feel you need,'” he continued.

Dr. Daniel Metzger, a WPATH-certified pediatric endocrinologist, discusses how “kids have zero idea about their fertility”:

Any parent of a teenager understands that kids are no more able to determine whether they will want children ten years down the road than they are deciding what profession they want to be when they grow up. A child psychiatrist instructing other doctors to proceed with these “treatments” based on the feelings of a teenager should be grounds for revoking his license.

The original WPATH files in early 2024 showed doctors admitting that it was impossible for both parents and their minor patients to understand the effects of “gender-affirming care.” This essentially exposed the fallacy that informed consent can be given regarding hormone blockers, cross-sex hormones or even surgeries that remove healthy sex organs such as breasts, penises and uteruses. (Private Footage Reveals Leading Medical Org’s Efforts To ‘Normalize’ Gender Ideology)

WPATH certified pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Daniel Metzger gave a separate speech at the same conference. He discussed whether children diagnosed with schizophrenia should continue with hormone treatments even though these patients may experience “worse” symptoms while on testosterone. Metzger suggests that while the hormones are causing a severe adverse effect, doctors shouldn’t stop these treatments. Instead, he tells doctors it would be better to “moderate their dose a little bit just to keep the voices down.”

Dr. Chris Booth, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at the University of British Columbia, also told conference attendees that stopping hormone treatments was not appropriate even if the child was experiencing psychological distress. The reason? Because “having them resume menses would likely be a much greater detriment than having them remain on their hormone therapy.”

Booth also said that suggesting a child must undergo psychotherapy before jumping into so-called “gender-affirming care” is “gatekeeping.”

These tapes expose the nightmare of transgender medicine and highlight just how demented the healthcare system has become. Children don’t stand a chance against the evils facing them in the world when doctors are openly admitting to the harm the transgender cult causes and proudly pushing for this to continue.

Parents are bullied into consent via fear-mongering over suicide rates, and if that doesn’t work, then the state threatens to take their child away, claiming it’s child abuse not to allow these irreversible procedures. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the parents of children who are forcing this so-called “care” onto their children because they, too, have been indoctrinated into the progressive cult.

American children deserve better protections than what we are giving them.