This Caitlin Clark Bobblehead Is Just Outright Disrespectful (But Funny As Hell)

Credit: Grace Hollars-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Who designed this? (LMAO)

Caitlin Clark now has a bobblehead, but um … it’s going viral for reasons that are just flat-out embarrassing. And to make it even worse, this is happening right in the middle of her WNBA debuts both at home and as a visitor.

The issue with the bobblehead is that it looks nothing, literally NOTHING, like Clark. And to make it worse, it looks like a dude! Oh, the disrespect! (RELATED: What The…? Kobe Bryant Was Nearly Traded To The Detroit Pistons: REPORT)

Some have said that it looks like NBA legend Mike Bibby or a young Klay Thompson, and quite frankly, I have to concur.

Hell, you be the judge, look at this thing … make sure you’re not eating or drinking anything, because you will laugh.

Somebody’s gotta be trolling, there’s no way this is a real bobblehead. Like, I get it, Caitlin Clark isn’t the best looking chick in the world, but she doesn’t look like a damn dude! What are we doing?

The disrespect is on the same level as the Cristiano Ronaldo statue.

I still don’t know how that happened, and I don’t know how the hell it happened with Caitlin Clark. And holy cow, what horrible business and marketing by whoever manufactured this thing. As a company, you have to take advantage of the hype of Caitlin Clark, but instead, these guys are getting laughed at and making no money — nobody’s buying this!

Just a horrible look all around, but man, how hilarious this whole situation is.