Browns’ Deshaun Watson Gets Incredibly Corny ‘Super Bowl Ring’ Tattoo That Will Absolutely Blow Up In His Face


Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is one of those dreaded girlfriend-boyfriend tattoos … and even then, the dude did that, too!

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has had a life that’s been full of action. Starting his journey in Gainesville, Georgia, he eventually elevated himself to a quarterback protegee who went on to play college football for Clemson where he won a national title. And we know the rest of the story: He ended up accomplishing his dreams and made it to the NFL.

It’s a dope life that Deshaun should be proud of, without a doubt, but umm … my man is just taking it too damn far. Because how is he choosing to do it? (RELATED: Atlanta Falcons Drop What Very Well May Be The Holy Grail Of Schedule Release Videos)

By getting a full-out back tattoo that features both his girlfriend’s face and a future Super Bowl ring that he’s apparently going to win, yikes! The tat was revealed recently on social media. The biggest highlight has to be the Super Bowl ring, though, because it’s actually a ring without a lot of details of a real piece of SB jewelry, and get this: The reason why it’s blank right now is because he’s going to fill it in later when he actually wins one.

In other words, he cursed himself and will NEVER win a Super Bowl ring now — we know how these kinda tattoos go.

What a way to take yourself out … and also, watch: He and his girl are gonna break up within six months now. Take it to the bank!