‘You’re Lying!’: Fox’s Neil Cavuto Calls Out White House Adviser For Biden ‘Misrepresenting’ Inflation

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Julianna Frieman Contributor
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Fox Business host Neil Cavuto called out the Biden administration’s chief economic adviser Jared Bernstein Thursday for President Joe Biden “misrepresenting” inflation.

Biden said April 10, May 8 and Tuesday that his administration “dramatically reduced inflation from 9% down” during his time in office. Cavuto pressed Bernstein over his defense of Biden’s false claims, telling the economic adviser that he is “just as bad” as the president.

“Jared, why does he keep saying that?” Cavuto asked. “You’re the head of the Council of Economic Advisers. Do you ever whisper in his ear, ‘Mr. President, just to be technical about it, it wasn’t at 9% when you assumed office, it was 1.4%. It got as high as 9% in 2022, you brought it down from that, but it was never ever ever 9% when you came into office.’ So why does he keep saying it?”

“Well, first of all, let me point out that in that very quote you played, the president talked about how concerned he was, uh, for households struggling with prices that he consistently—”

“That’s not what I asked you. That’s not what I asked you,” Cavuto cut in. “Why does he keep misrepresenting this?”

“He’s making the point, uh, that that factors that caused inflation to climb to 9% were in place when he took office,” Bernstein said.

“No, that’s not what he said! He said it was at 9%. It would eventually get to 9% a little over a year after that, but the fact of the matter is it was at 9%,” Cavuto interjected before Bernstein stopped talking. “So if I can’t trust him with quoting data in real-time, why should I believe what he’s talking about now?”

Bernstein told Cavuto that the annual inflation in 2021 was “about 9%” as a chart showing the consumer price index’s(CPI) measure of year-over-year inflation appeared on screen. Inflation sat at 1.4% in Jan. 2021 before peaking at 9.1% in June 2022. The CPI measured inflation at 3.4% as of April 2024. (RELATED: ‘Great News’: Sean Hannity Says Biden’s Debate Rules ‘Extraordinarily Favorable’ For Trump)

“It was not at that. You’re just as bad as he is,” Cavuto said. “Why can’t you just say, ‘It was high, it got as high as 9%’ — you’d be accurate in saying that — “And we have now brought it down, or were struggling around the 3% area, but it’s better than it was.’”

“But instead to hang it on his—” Cavuto continued, as Bernstein interrupted. “To hang it on his predecessor that you inherited something that was through the roof when we were in the middle of Covid, it just seems to the American people whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat — you’re lying!”