Wild Video Shows Man Picking Up His Severed Hand After Machete Fight


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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A horrifying machete attack was caught on video and showed a man picking up his severed hand off the ground.

The vicious encounter unfolded in the Dominican Republic, and the footage captured by an eyewitness was shared by TMZ. The sword fight occurred Tuesday in San Pedro de Macoris, on the southern part of the island, and the video isn’t for the faint of heart. Machetes swung wildly and the sound of steel hitting steel was enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.

At one point during the wild, movie-like attack scene, a man’s hand is sliced right off and falls to the ground, just outside of a gas station, as seen in the video posted by TMZ.

The two combatants fought for several moments. Their machetes swung violently in the air, as they hacked away at the very small distance that separated them.

One man seemed to have the advantage for a moment, as he forced his opponent to the ground. He fell on his back, but kept flailing at his opponent despite his disadvantage. The video showed him gaining a bit of traction when he got himself up on one knee, and with one swift swipe, the man on the ground sliced the other man’s hand right off at the wrist.

The injured man’s shirt was covered in blood as he ran away from his attacker. His hand remained on the ground at the location of the duel.

The man somehow managed to continue walking, and he circled back in an eerily calm manner. He walked steadily to the place where his hand was, bent over, and picked it up off the ground.

Local reports said the men were friends and were brawling over a woman, according to TMZ. (RELATED:Man Who Tried Killing Cops With Machete-Like Knife In NYE Times Square Attack Bags Lengthy Sentence)

The injured man received medical care at a local hospital, but it is not known if doctors were able to re-attach his severed hand. It remains unclear if any charges will be laid in this incident.

Earlier in May, a U.S. judge sentenced a man, Trevor Bickford, to 27 years in prison Thursday after he pled guilty to attacking and injuring three NYPD officers with a machete-style knife on New Year’s Eve in 2022. The attack was a preplanned jihadist attack that could have killed and injured more officers and civilians, according to the Department of Justices.

FBI Director Christopher Wray described Bickford’s attack as “savage” and “a premeditated act of terrorism” and his ideology “violent.”