Police Spring RV Theft Suspect From Jail To Help Owner Start Vehicle


Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Washington’s Aberdeen City police sent for an inmate in their jail who allegedly stole an RV in order to help the owner start the recovered vehicle, Fox 13 reported Thursday.

Police reportedly recovered the vehicle on March 9 after it had been registered as sold. The RV was in damaged condition and refused to start, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Armed Woman Carries Allegedly Stolen Cash Register Out Of Store Straight Into Seattle Police Net, Video Shows)

Olive Teague, the rightful owner of the RV, which acts as her mobile home, claimed that the officer who was trying to jump-start the vehicle said, “You know what? I don’t want us to do more damage to the ignition by messing with it. I know a guy back at the station who definitely knows how to do this,” the outlet reported. The officer then came back with a man wearing an Aberdeen City Jail uniform, who was booked for allegedly selling the stolen vehicle, the outlet noted.

Teague then made a TikTok video of the inmate helping jump-start the car. “When you don’t know how to start your jumped RV and neither does the cop … just get the man who stole the rig … right???” Teague posted on TikTok.


When you dont know how to start your jumped RV and neither does the cop… just get the man that stole the rig… right??? #fyp #wtf

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The video ends with the inmate’s advice and guidance paying off as the car successfully started. All humor aside, Teague had expensive business-related equipment stored in the car that was not recovered, Fox 13 reported. A GoFundMe page was created by friends of Teague to pay for the damages sustained by the vehicle following the heist and for new equipment. The fundraiser has so far raised nearly $6,000 out of the $10,000 requested.