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“A hate crime hoax is essentially a situation where a very high-profile hate incident turns out not to be real.”

From “Hands Up. Don’t Shoot” to “This is MAGA Country,” so-called hate crimes have become an all too common part of American life. Even after decades of improved race relations, there’s nothing the left loves to push more than a story that supposedly proves America’s irredeemable racism. But these are more than just slogans: They ruin the lives of real people and tear our social fabric apart. And too often, they turn out to be complete and utter lies.

The Daily Caller’s new original documentary, “Demand for Hate,” shows what happens when the demand for racial animus far outpaces the supply.

“Demand for Hate” is available to stream exclusively for Patriots subscribers. Catch a first glimpse below.

Hate crime hoaxes have become all too common in the post-George Floyd era, but the phenomenon goes back even farther. There is simply not enough hate to go around in modern America, so activists are forced to invent it. With “Demand for Hate,” the Daily Caller is fighting back against one of the most powerful narrative weapons the left uses to divide and conquer. Our investigative team traveled the country exposing how victimhood became America’s most valuable new currency.

“Probably the single most significant social movement in the United States was founded on the Trayvon Martin racism fabrication and the Michael Brown racism fabrication,” Cornell Law Professor William Jacobson told the Daily Caller’s investigative team.

Left-wing activists take incidents where something bad happens and attempt to backfill an explanation with racism. Often, powerful journalists and politicians are on their side fanning the flames. Martin and Brown were both killed under unfortunate circumstances, but the idea that racism had any part to play has been decidedly debunked. These were clear cut cases of self-defense, but it was too late: The narrative had already been sown. Black Lives Matter was born, and a new generation of activists and agitators became inspired to fabricate their own mantle of victimhood.

We sat down with political science professor Wilfred Reilly, who explained how universities became so conducive to manufacturing hate crimes. “The campus is a unique environment, in that there’s a great deal of support for this kind of thing,” Reilly explained. “There’s an entire infrastructure set up to support it.”

Students are so obsessed with fighting bias, so brainwashed into believing they’re the victims of a racist society, that they no longer care about the truth. Or perhaps they just don’t care as long as it furthers their political ambitions.

“You need to have your stereotypes and your beliefs confirmed, so you go out and create these incidents in order to stir up support for what you think,” explained Jim Bacon, executive director of The Jefferson Council.

But the demand for hate has bled over to the rest of society, as a new generation of students entered the “real world” over the past decade.

“You are seeing the impact on leaders and decision makers,” Reilly explained, “whether you’re talking about judges, district attorneys, jury foremen.” In an “environment that can obviously get increasingly hostile, where people are at the very least going to access the media, where there might be physical rioting,” the easy decision is to bend the knee. But such cowardice has real world consequences.

Our investigators dig deeper than just the household names everyone knows. We talk to the little people, whose stories didn’t get national attention for years on end, but whose lives were nonetheless changed forever after finding themselves on the wrong end of a hate crime hoax.

Morgan Bettinger was a college student at her dream school, her whole life ahead of her — until one unlucky encounter with a BLM activist got her expelled and launched a media witch hunt against her. Falsely accused of racism, Morgan has spent the prime years of her life defending herself against a college, media and society that would sacrifice her in the name of “justice.” By telling her story, we aim to reclaim a semblance of truth and fairness that used to be critical to our understanding of that word.

Standing up to the left’s hate crime hoaxers is about more than any one individual. It’s about standing up for justice in a society that no longer seems to care. At the Daily Caller, we’re determined to cover the stories the corporate media won’t — and follow the truth, wherever it may lead.

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