REPORT: New Suicide Note From Boeing Whistleblower Revealed


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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A new alleged suicide note from Boeing whistleblower John Barnett shows the final moments before the 62-year-old shot himself in March, according to a report Friday.

Newly released images obtained by the New York Post allegedly show what appears to be the back side of Barnett’s suicide note, which authorities authenticated Barnett’s handwriting, the outlet reported. On the page sayings such as “Fuck Boeing!!!” and “Whistleblowers protection is fucked up too!!” could be seen written on the letter. (RELATED: Boeing Aircraft Forced To Make Emergency Landing After Engine Catches Fire)

“I pray that the motherfuckers that destroyed my life pay!!! I pray Boeing pays!!!” Barnett reportedly wrote. “Bury me face down so Boeing and their lying ass leaders can kiss my ass.”

The 62-year-old was found dead inside his orange Dodge Ram truck in Charleston, South Carolina, on the morning of March 9 after he failed to show up for further legal questioning as he had been attending an initial deposition involving Boeing’s lawyers and his counsel, according to BBC. Prior to retiring in 2017 Barnett has worked for the Boeing company for 32 years as a quality control engineer, later telling BBC in 2019 about issues that allegedly were on some of Boeing’s aircrafts.

Barnett claimed that in 2016 he discovered issues with emergency oxygen systems, which are intended to keep passengers and crew alive if pressurization within the cabin fails, according to BBC. Barnett alleged that while decommissioning the systems after a minor cosmetic damage had occurred, some of the oxygen bottles did not discharge as intended, the outlet reported.

Although the 62-year-old stated he had reported the issue and requested a controlled test from Boeing’s research and development unit, the company’s managers allegedly stonewalled him, BBC reported. Barnett then took the issue to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), however, FAA stated they wouldn’t substantiate Barnett’s claim as Boeing indicated they were allegedly working on the issue already.

While Boeing has since denied the allegation by Barnett, the company came under an intense spotlight after a Boeing’s MAX 9’s door plug flew off during an Alaska Airlines flight. Since the infamous incident, others have been recorded as well as an investigation launched into the company’s 787 Dreamliner jets that were reportedly found to have potentially completed their inspections as believed.