Rumor: John Daly Quietly Made Sports History Despite Terrible Round

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Scoops Delacroix Freelance Writer
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John Daly hit another career milestone Thursday — and it might be one of the greatest achievements in sports history.

A golf reporter for The Athletic, Gabby Herzig, relayed a hilarious rumor about Big John from his first round at the PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky. (RELATED: John Daly’s Breakfast Of Champions Proves There’s Still Alphas Kicking In Biden’s America)

According to the hearsay, Daly ripped through two packs of cigarettes, four Snickers bars and two cokes during his first round at Valhalla.

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Daly was forced to withdraw from the tournament due to a thumb injury. But the thing with Daly is, he’s such a force of nature and athletic adonis that he still managed to pull off an incredible feat: smoking two packs of cigs through 18 holes of golf.

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How many athletes can perform at such a level while chain smoking? It’s breathtaking, literally. Daly might as well be playing golf in Denver, Colorado, so little oxygen is getting to his brain while he rips darts. (RELATED: The Fairway Cigarette And Its Enemies)

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This columnist could easily hammer four Snickers bars, especially after a few libations. Gimme the sugies, Rick! Two Cokes? Throw some rum in those suckers, and they will go down like water.

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But 40 cigarettes? 40 cigarettes in three hours? My lungs are slowly collapsing just talking about it.

Once again, John Daly proves he’s one of America’s greatest athletes.

Never change, Big J, never change.