NYPD Arrests Dozens Of Anti-Israel Protesters In Raucous Clash


Mariane Angela Entertainment And News Reporter
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The New York Police Department (NYPD) arrested dozens of anti-Israel protesters Saturday after they clashed with the police, the New York Post reported.

Tensions flared in Brooklyn this Saturday as anti-Israel protesters clashed with NYPD officers during a demonstration in Bay Ridge, resulting in at least a dozen arrests. An estimated crowd of 250 participants pushed against police efforts to move them to the sidewalk, escalating to physical confrontations, according to the the New York Post.

Videos from the scene captured officers tackling several protesters and dragging others away, amidst resistance and shouts from the crowd. One moment showed a protester throwing a water bottle at police. Another protester was reportedly pinned against a van and handcuffed as onlookers pleaded for his release, the outlet stated. (RELATED: Police Reveal NYPD Arrested 282 Protestors In College Campus Crackdown)

Amid the chaos, police officers handcuffed a line of demonstrators, including one draped in a Palestinian flag, and loaded them into a police vehicle. Friends and supporters shouted words of encouragement from across the police line, the New York Post reported. A large contingent of police heavily patrolled the area.

“The NYPD has spent over 400 million on Palestine protest alone,” the demonstrators chanted during the demonstration, according to the New York Post. “They told us to stop. But we will not rest. Until this city divests. Free free Palestine.”