‘Speed Of An American Football Player’: Chaotic Video Shows Taiwanese Politician Stealing Bill To Avoid Being Approved


Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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A parliament hearing for Taiwanese lawmakers Friday erupted into absolute chaos as one politician could be seen snatching a bill reportedly to avoid being approved, video shows.

Just days before Taiwan’s newly elected President Lai Ching-te, who is succeeding President Tsai Ing-wen, is set to take office Monday without a legislative majority behind him, lawmakers reportedly were yelling and shoving each other outside of the chamber prior to the disarray seen inside, according to NBC News. However, as members moved inside for deliberations on giving more power to the government, a physical altercation broke out. (RELATED: China’s Most Powerful Spy Agency Vows To ‘Resolutely Fight’ Taiwan Independence)

A video posted online shows one political member in a white shirt ripping what appears to be the bill debated over out of another member’s hands. Lawmakers could be heard in the video shouting as other members attempted to grab the politician in the white shirt, but the lawmaker was able to break through the group sprinting towards the door.

Translation of a news commentator reporting on the incident at the time, allegedly states that the member was moving at the “speed of an American football player.”

In addition to the clip, lawmakers reportedly had been surging around the speaker’s seat and allegedly jumping over tables while pulling other members to the floor, according to Reuters. As the Kuomintang (KMT) party doesn’t have enough seats to create their own majority but outnumbers the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), they have been reportedly working with the Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) in order to push common ideas, the outlet reported.

The main controversy during the gathering was reportedly on a proposal pushed by the KMT that would potentially impose criminal penalties against officials if found lying in parliament, according to Fox News. The DPP has argued that both the KMT and TPP have been attempting to push legislation with “an unconstitutional abuse of power” as they’ve allegedly avoided proper process, the outlet reported.

“Why are we opposed? We want to be able to have discussions, not for there to be only one voice in the country,” DPP lawmaker Wang Mei-hui told Reuters.

The KMT, however, has pushed back against the claims stating that the reforms were seeking to help legislative oversight of the government, according to Reuters.

“The DPP does not want this to be passed as they have always been used to monopolising power,” KMT’s Jessica Chen told the outlet.

All three party members were reportedly a part of the brawl.