Wild Video Shows Naked Man Hit By Car After Running Into Traffic


Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Video caught the moment that a naked man in California ran into heavy traffic and was struck by a car, ABC7 reported Saturday.

The man, who was apparently having a mental health crisis, jumped off the fence at his family’s home directly into a sea of traffic Thursday morning, according to ABC7.

The video shows the man miraculously escape being hit as he makes it halfway across the road before getting rocked by an oncoming car and flipping over its hood. (RELATED: Naked Man Holding Trans BLM LGBTQ+ Flag Casually Strolls Down City Street)


Gerardo Garcia, a local working for a medical delivery company who shot the video, said the naked man was covered in blood after getting hit, FOX11 reported.

“It was crazy. It was a wild morning,” Garcia told ABC7. “I saw this gentleman jump from the roof onto the tree, and then he jumped from the tree into the street … Me and my buddy were just like ‘What? What’s going on? Are we being pranked?’ And he just ran across us and a lady in a car just hits him.”

After being hit, the man was able to get up, but another video shows him laying down in the street, ABC7 reported. It’s not clear if a second vehicle hit him, according to the outlet.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Department deputies who were reportedly alerted by the man’s family, arrived and surrounded the naked man, ABC7 reported.

“He did get up. He started walking toward some vehicles, and that’s when the police officers all arrive,” Garcia said.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the man tackled one of the responding officers, FOX11 reported.

Garcia told FOX11 that because of the high number of drug-related, violent incidents and people suffering from mental illness, it’s important to be vigilant on the roads.

“Stay on your toes while driving; make sure you don’t run over anybody. I see a lot of crazy things when I’m driving,” he said.

It is believed that the naked man had self-inflicted lacerations before venturing out into traffic, ABC7 reported.

Authorities transported him to a local hospital where he was reportedly in stable condition, according to the outlet.