Video Shows Wild Police Chase End After Woman Hits Multiple Vehicles Head On

[Screenshot/FOX11 Los Angeles]

Dana Abizaid Contributor
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Los Angeles police released video of a wild police chase across the city Friday morning that resulted in multiple head-on crashes, FOX11 reported.

Police reportedly began the high-speed pursuit of the white van involved in the chase after someone reported a screaming match between the van’s female driver and another driver, Wayne Dean, at about 4 a.m., according to FOX11.

During the chase, the van reached speeds up to 100 mph, evaded police PIT maneuvers and slammed vehicles head-on before finally being stopped on the 405 Freeway after driving the wrong way and hitting numerous vehicles, FOX11 reported. (RELATED: 3 Dead After Woman Allegedly High-Speed Chase In Stolen Police Car)


“I was thinking about punching her in the head and knocking her out so she could take a nap and let everybody else sleep,” said Dean, who currently lives in his vehicle and was parked next to the woman’s van Friday morning.

When police arrived, Dean said, “I booked it to the sidewalk to get out of the way. Well, she went backwards right into their cruiser. I mean like smashed it.”

Video from the chase shared with FOX11 shows multiple police cars trying to stop the van before it smashes head-on into a caravan.

Stu Mundel, FOX11’s SkyFox reporter, can be heard saying, “It’s almost like this is intentional.”

Video then shows the van spinning out into circles, but the female driver maintains control and speeds away.

When the van goes the wrong way on the 405 Freeway and approaches oncoming traffic, Mundel yells, “Oh! Whoa! No! No! No! What is the purpose of that?”

When the female driver then emerges from the wrecked van and apparently attempts to carjack a semi-trailer truck, Mundel says, “This is going to end very poorly.”

Police are then able to apprehend the woman and she can be seen bleeding from the face and head with her hands behind her back.

“We apologize to the community for the traffic problem this morning,” Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Goldberg said. “It was for a very important reason. We need to sequester these people. They’re a danger to the public.”

There were no serious injuries reported from the incident, FOX11 reported.