Teachers Union Boots School Counselor Who Questioned Trans Policies: REPORT

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Dana Abizaid Contributor
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A teachers’ union in Minnesota expelled an elementary school counselor who expressed concerns about her district’s trans-identified students’ policy, The Christian Post reported Saturday.

The counselor, Christina Barton, stated during meetings on March 19 and May 7 that she did not believe that Rochester Public Schools took adequate steps to inform parents if their child identified as the opposite sex, according to The Christian Post.

In early May, Barton received a letter from the Rochester Education Association informing her that she was expelled from the union, The Christian Post reported. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Former Arizona School Counselor Says She Was Advised To Keep Student’s Transgender Status From Parents)


The president of the Rochester Education Association, Vince Wagner, told The Christian Post that Barton was expelled for violating the National Education Association’s Code of Ethics for teachers, especially Principle 1 related to “Commitment to the Student.”

The association’s letter alleged that Barton “mischaracterized Rochester Public Schools policies and practices regarding LGBTQ+ students, spoke negatively of fellow union members, and spread misinformation about transgender youth,” according to the Christian Post.

Although the association recognized that individuals “are free to think whatever they want about LGBTQ+” issues, it stipulated that “viewpoints are not free from consequences, especially if they cause or contribute to unprofessional behavior,” the outlet reported.

Barton published a statement in the American Experiment Tuesday noting that it appeared that only those willing to “succumb to censorship and intimidation” were accepted in a school culture where “all are welcome” and “kindness abides and bullying isn’t allowed.”

Barton claims that following her remarks to the school board she has “experienced countless retaliatory responses that are unprofessional, inaccurate, and very hurtful to me as a person as well as a concerned counselor and parent who is merely trying to advocate in the best interests of kids and on behalf of all parents.”

At one meeting, Barton reportedly asked, “How would a parent know how to request such information if they aren’t aware their child is struggling with gender dysphoria? How would a parent be able to care for and support their student if the school never reached out to them,” The Christian Post reported.

Barton’s expulsion comes on the heels of a decision in California to award $360,000 to a teacher fired for allegedly refusing to follow district policy regarding students’ preferred pronouns.

The Daily Caller reached out to the Rochester Education Association and Rochester Public Schools but did not immediately receive comment on Barton’s expulsion.