‘All About Him’: Fmr Diddy Assistant Calls Out Apology Video, Says She Believes ‘More’ Victims Could Come Forward

(Screenshot/CNN/"Out Front with Erin Burnett")

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Former Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs assistant Suzi Siegel called out the rapper’s apology video following the release of a video involving physical abuse Monday on CNN, stating she believes there could be “more” victims who may come forward.

Siegel appeared on “Out Front with Erin Burnett” to discuss the recent release of a 2016 surveillance video appearing to showing Diddy kick and drag ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura. Following the release of the video, Diddy reacted by posting a video over the weekend in which he talks to the camera stating that he takes “full responsibility” for his actions shown as well as calling his behavior “inexcusable.”

CNN host Erin Burnett began by questioning the former musician’s assistant on her reaction to the apology, asking if she “believed” him. (RELATED: Diddy Breaks His Silence After Damning Video Of Assault Goes Viral)

“Nope. I didn’t believe him when he denied the allegations and I don‘t believe that there‘s real contrition there,” Siegel stated. “Obviously, I‘m not in the man‘s head, but knowing him and knowing her and having worked for him my feeling was that it was just all about him. It was his worst day, it was his —”

“That he’s at the lowest point he ever reached?” Burnett asked.

“The lowest point [but] you know what I think she reached a much lower point being beaten by him. It just was about him and I think that‘s probably emblematic of a larger problem,” Siegel responded.

Burnett continued to question Siegel on Diddy’s previous knowledge of the video which he reportedly “bought” for $50,000 from the hotel, but failed to make an apology video for until the release. Siegel said she believes Diddy has been surrounded by people who knew about the allegations brought against him, detailing how he never traveled “alone.”

“Yeah, shocking right?” Siegel stated “You didn‘t apologize, you actually did the opposite of apologize which is that he disparaged her, he besmirched her name and called her a liar and said she was out for a payday. Right? So what I think happened, having worked in the inner circle and worked for other powerful people, I think that he is surrounded by a lot of people who say yes, a lot of ‘yes’ men. And I think it shows in the bad decisions that he‘s made from disparaging, lying on her, right? I think it‘s a pretty bad look.”

“That man did not travel alone,” she continued. “Right? I did logistics for him. I booked his stylists and I booked his — everybody for him and he ran with a really large squad. So certainly there were people around. This didn‘t happen alone, and that goes back to what I was saying, like you‘re surrounded by a bunch of people and I don‘t think he appreciated people stating their opinions. I think this is where you end up, in an echo chamber.”

Burnett asked the former assistant whether she believed there were more victims than just Ventura.

“Of course, I do,” Siegel responded. “I do. Of course, I don’t have any direct knowledge of that, but there‘s been lawsuits. By the way, it‘s not just women from what we‘re hearing and reading as well. It seems that maybe there were other victims, as well. I do expect probably more to come out.”

Late 2023, Ventura filed a lawsuit against the rapper accusing him of continuous physical and sexual abuse throughout their relationship of over 10 years. In the lawsuit Ventura detailed Diddy’s alleged patterns of abuse after meeting him in 2005, alleging he would make her have sex with male prostitutes while filming them.

While Diddy denied the allegations, the two eventually settled with Ventura being paid an undisclosed amount. The rapper’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami were raided by the Homeland Security in March, allegedly based on evidence found on laptops, flash drives and other tools that may connect him to additional sexual assault allegations brought forward by two other women besides Ventura.