Bill Maher Snaps Back At Sunny Hostin As She Lectures Him On The Term ‘Woke’

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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HBO host Bill Maher snapped back at “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin Tuesday as she lectured him over the meaning of the term “woke.”

Hostin, displeased of Maher’s criticisms of the “woke” left, said the term has been “weaponized” and “bastardized” by the political right despite it historically pertaining to understanding racial injustices.

“It struck me in the first segment you used the term woke. You said that woke is sort of what was ruining everything, and—” Hostin began.

“No, I didn’t say ruining everything, I said that’s why Trump could get re-elected,” Maher corrected.

“That’s why Trump could get re-elected. So, I just, the term woke in my view has been co-opted by the right and weaponized and bastardized, so I was surprised to hear you use the term because historically, as you know—because I think you’re quite brilliant—that woke is a word used by the black community to note that we must be aware of social injustices,” she continued.

“But words migrate,” Maher argued.

“But why is that a bad thing?” Hostin asked.

Maher said the original meaning of the term woke is positive, but argued it migrated to be associated with the far-left. (RELATED: Bill Maher Shoot Down Biden’s Morehouse Speech Proclaiming America Is Racist) 

“Don’t tell me that the left hasn’t changed,” Maher explained. “I mean, I’m old enough to remember when it was the conservatives that hated Jews. That was a joke…But it’s true, if I have any doubt about the change that’s happened on the left, watching people protest for a terrorist organization like Hamas, that straightened me up pretty quick.”

Hostin pressed him on his criticisms of the anti-Israel protesters for siding with Hamas, a terrorist organization, over Israel. He argued these protesters would be “begging” to move to Tel Aviv if they lived in Gaza, a place lacking basic rights for women.

“Are you at all concerned about the innocent civilians that have been collectively punished and murdered largely? Children and women. Are you at all concerned about the fact that the international criminal court just today issued a subpoena for Netanayhu?” Hostin asked.

“Well that’s ridiculous,” Maher said. “But, it’s a war—”

“Why?” she interjected.

“Because it’s a war and they were attacked and they are defending themselves. Now, this is a war. Do you think Hamas needs to be destroyed? This is the question,” Maher said, followed by Hostin saying “yes.”

“You do, alright so Hamas needs to be destroyed because they are a terrorist organization who have said openly that they want to commit genocide on the Jewish people, on the state of Israel. That’s what ‘from the river to the sea’ means. Okay? And they say this very openly. That they committed this attack, they attacked Israel five times, they’ve started five wars since they were given that land back. They could’ve chosen to turn that place into any place they wanted to, and they took a lot of money from the international community and they spent it on bombs, guns, and building tunnels. So if they need to be destroyed, how do we do that? It’s a war.”

Maher said the solution to saving innocent lives is for Hamas to stop attacking Israel.

Maher then turned to co-host Joy Behar, who said earlier in the segment that people wearing MAGA hats should “put a swastika on it.” He successfully convinced her to openly say she does not believe all supporters of former President Donald Trump are Nazis, and told her she cannot hate “half the country” who supports him.

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