Caitlin Clark Hit With Technical Foul After Blasting Referee With F-Bomb

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No matter how you feel about Caitlin Clark, you can’t take away the fact that she’s a blatant competitor.

Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever squared off Monday night against the Connecticut Sun, with the latter picking up the 88-84 win to bring the Fever down to 0-4. For Clark, she finished with a stat line of 17 points, five assists and three rebounds. Not a bad game for the rookie, though she’s still got a bit of a problem with turnovers (she had five in the contest), and this late-game technical foul didn’t help the cause either. (RELATED: This Caitlin Clark Bobblehead Is Just Outright Disrespectful (But Funny As Hell)

And speaking of turnovers, Clark’s tech came after she … well … suffered a turnover. The former Iowa superstar thought she was fouled, and boy oh boy, she was livid when the referee didn’t call it.

Originally, it wasn’t seen what Clark said to the ref, all we knew from the live broadcast was that Clark was hit with a tech. But then we saw a second video with another angle, and it clearly showed Clark walking up on the zebra and shouting at her to “call a f**king foul.”

I’ll give credit to Caitlin Clark for this: She’s built one hell of a cult-like following.

I recently wrote a blog about her potentially being a bust after she scored just nine (NINE!) points in a game, and got absolutely hammered on both social media and in e-mails about it.

Just don’t push it, Clark fans. You start coming at me too much like that and I’ll just start hating on her for no reason (LMAO).