Drone Footage Reveals Devastating Extent Of Tornado Destruction


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Extensive damage from a Kentucky tornado leveled homes and left a graveyard in trees in its wake, drone footage storm chaser Brandon Clement posted to Twitter on Monday shows.

An overhead shot of Charleston, Kentucky shows the small town decimated from the massive storm. Houses are in shambles with the shattered remnants of their wooden walls displaced throughout the area.

Multiple people died as a result of the storms, Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Andy Beshar announced in a Monday tweet.

A shockingly large tornado touched down near the small town Sunday night. A screengrab of the tornado which Clement posted to Twitter shows the impressive and terrifying size of the natural phenomenon. (RELATED: Multiple People Killed, Dozens Injured After Tornado Destroys Small Town)

“It’s a big mess,” Rob Linton, a local fire chief, told The Associated Press. “Trees down everywhere. Houses moved. Power lines are down. No utilities whatsoever. No water, no power.”

The Kentucky tornado was just one in a series of storms that wreaked havoc across the southern and central United States over Memorial Day weekend. Storms in Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas also caused widespread property damage and killed at least 21 people, the AP reported.