‘He’s An Entertainer’: Cohen Attorney Laughs Off Cohen’s Podcast ‘Persona’ After Stating He’s ‘Turned A Corner’

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Michael Cohen’s attorney Danya Perry laughed off her client’s podcast “persona” Tuesday on CNN after claiming she believes Cohen has “turned a corner” while discussing closing arguments in the trial against former President Donald Trump.

Perry appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360” to discuss Cohen, who was a key witness for the prosecutors in the case against Trump over alleged falsified business records. During the interview, a CNN co-host questioned Perry on a “signature moment” in Cohen’s testimony as he spoke “directly” to the jury, asking if it was something that had been practiced in preparation.  (RELATED: Bragg’s Team — With Judge’s Blessing — Argues Unproven Claim Trump Violated Federal Law In Lengthy Closing Argument)

“Well, I appreciate you noting that,” Perry began. “And Anderson, I appreciate you noting his demeanor on the stand. As you say, that‘s not the Michael Cohen, everyone knows. But I will say yes, we spent a lot of time in preparation.”

Perry continued to describe Cohen’s demeanor on the stand, saying the former Trump attorney has changed from his past and noted his podcast in which he has repeatedly called out Trump. As Perry described the moment Trump’s defense attorney played a clip for the jury she laughed as CNN host Anderson Cooper joined in calling it “crazy.”

“But this was truly all heartfelt,” Perry said. “I do believe he‘s turned a corner, and he‘s a different person than the Michael Cohen that you heard on those recordings or even the way he presents sometimes on his podcast. There was a moment where Michael was very cool and his demeanor was understated, and then there was that moment where Todd Blanche played a moment from the podcast —”

“Oh my God, I was there for that. That was crazy. I hadn‘t heard the podcasts [and] I was like, ‘Oh my God,'” Cooper stated.

“But that‘s a persona, you know, he takes on this drama — you‘ve been on his podcast, I’ve been on his podcast,” Perry responded. “He presents in a certain way, he‘s an entertainer. But that‘s not — the Michael Cohen that showed up for court is the Michael Cohen who did have a change of heart and decided as much as it put him in harm‘s way and his family that he was going to wear the white hat and do what he thinks is the right thing.”

Over the trial, prosecutors have attempted to rely on Cohen’s testimony as he claimed that Trump allegedly directed him to make a nondisclosure payment to porn star Stormy Daniels as well as allegedly plan for it to be reimbursed through falsifying business records. Defense attorneys, however, detailed to the jury Cohen’s background in lying under oath as well as playing clips of Cohen’s “Mea Culpa” podcast in which he discussed his joy over the thought of Trump going to jail, according to Politico.