EXCLUSIVE: Trump-World Lawyer Sends House GOP Playbook For How To End Biden ‘Election Interference’

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Mike Davis, legal adviser to Donald Trump, will send a letter Tuesday to every House Republican calling on them to do everything they can to fight back against President Joe Biden’s “lawfare” against the former president, according to a letter and memo first obtained by the Daily Caller.

In the letter, Davis, founder and president of the Article III Project, mentions six bullet points he believes House Republicans need to utilize in order to properly defend Trump against the ongoing “lawfare” brought forward by Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), and Democrat state and local prosecutors. He argues these steps are “vital to combat Republic-ending Biden Democrat lawfare and election interference.”

Davis specifically mentions House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, saying he must “issue subpoenas for documents and require sworn testimony of those involved from the Biden White House, Biden Justice Department, Biden Democrat state and local prosecutors’ offices, and all others–both inside and outside of government–involved in this criminal conspiracy against President Trump.”

Jordan’s spokesperson, Russel Dye, told the Caller that the committee has continued to issue “more subpoenas than the rest of Congress combined” and will not be stopping.

“Our Committee has issued more subpoenas than the rest of the Congress combined, conducted more investigations on the attacks on President Trump than the rest of the Congress combined, done more depositions and interviews than the rest of the Congress combined, held hearings and briefings on the issue, and plan to do much more,” Dye told the Caller.

Davis also mentions passing Republican Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde’s amendment that would prohibit federal funds from going to Bragg, Smith or Willis for prosecuting Trump. Davis mentions attaching this amendment to any “must-pass” spending bills, such as a continuing resolution.

“The Left has dangerously weaponized our judicial system into the election interference arm of the Democrat Party, egregiously using taxpayer dollars to politically persecute President Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 election. Alvin Bragg, Jack Smith, and Fani Willis are shamelessly exploiting federal funds to advance sham charges against Trump in hopes of imprisoning Joe Biden’s political rival and silencing millions of American voters,” Clyde told the Caller.

“We cannot simply condemn this grave miscarriage of justice and unprecedented prosecutorial misconduct; we must defund it. I urge my colleagues to join me in using the power of the purse to turn off the spigot of taxpayer dollars that continues to fund the corruption of our justice system,” Clyde added. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: One Of Trump-World’s Favorite Lawyers Hatched Playbook With House GOP On Ending Biden Lawfare Against Trump)

Here Are The Six Points Laid Out In The Letter: 

  • “Pass the appropriations riders proposed by Congressman Andrew Clyde (R-GA)on every must-pass spending bill that will defund any local, state, or federal prosecution of a major presidential candidate until after the November 2024election. Biden Democrats waited 30 months to bring these unprecedented, bogus charges against President Trump. They can wait until after the election. The American people–not Democrat prosecutors, judges, witnesses, jurors, and operatives in the Democrat hellholes of New York, DC, and Atlanta–must decide the election.”
  • “House Judiciary Republicans need to obtain each and every piece of correspondence related to President Donald Trump from New York Attorney General Leticia James, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, Manhattan DA lead prosecutor Matthew Colangelo, Fulton County DA Fani Willis, her ex-boyfriend Nathan Wade, Special Counsel Jack Smith, Counselor Jay Bratt, Attorney General Merrick Garland, former Biden Deputy White House Counsel Jonathan Su, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, Maine Secretary of State Shena Bellows, Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes, and any others–both inside and outside of government–potentially involved in this criminal conspiracy against the constitutional rights of President Trump.”
  • “House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan must issue subpoenas for documents and require sworn testimony of those involved from the Biden White House, Biden Justice Department, Biden Democrat state and local prosecutors’ offices, and all others–both inside and outside of government–involved in this criminal conspiracy against President Trump. This requires regular and sustained document subpoenas, staff depositions, public hearings, messaging, and litigation. The entire country should have the opportunity to put on the news and see House Republicans exposing Biden Democrats’ corrupt lawfare and election interference for what it really is: an anti-democratic and Republic-ending electoral assault on President Trump and his supporters.”
  • “Send a criminal referral to the Justice Department against Biden Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke’s prosecution for lying to Sen. Tom Cotton.”
  • “Republicans must challenge the legality of Jack Smith’s appointment as Special Counsel. The Biden Justice Department should not receive federal funds so long as it has an illegally appointed official interfering in the 2024 presidential election.”
  • “The House Judiciary Committee must investigate and hold a hearing on how Jack Smith has violated DOJ regulations by timing his prosecution to hurt President Trump’s election chances. The House Judiciary Committee should ensure the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) fully investigates this, as well.”


(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

Davis also included a memo on the history of the lawfare against Trump. The memo lays out the “unprecedented and absurd criminal indictments in” Manhattan, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Florida and Arizona. (RELATED: ‘Election Interference’: Bragg Case Gag Order Puts Unprecedented Limitations On Trump Campaign)


(DAILY CALLER OBTAINED) — … by Henry Rodgers

“Republicans need to stop twirling their thumbs and sending strongly worded letters. It’s time to act to stop the Democrat lawfare attacking our Republic. House Republicans must move to defund these partisan prosecutors and haul them into Congress to give testimony under oath,” Davis told the Caller before sending the letter. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Seriously Depressing Place’ — Trump’s Top Allies, VP Contenders Describe Sights & Sounds Of NY Courtroom)

In early May, Davis met with lawmakers from the House Conservative Opportunity Society, which is chaired by Republican South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman to discuss ways to fight back against the Biden administration’s lawfare against Trump.

Davis was asked to speak to the group about Trump’s ongoing legal battles and ways House Republicans can help the former President from Congress. Davis told the Caller that there were over a dozen members present for the meeting, which took place the morning of May 1 at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington D.C.