Internet Celebrity Hospitalized After Traditional Cheese-Rolling Race: REPORT

(Photo by Dave Farrance/Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Darren Jason Watkins Jr., an American YouTuber and rapper, said he would be going to the hospital after suffering a leg injury over a cheese-rolling race, BBC News reported Monday.

The competition Watkins entered was an annual tradition in Great Britain’s  Gloucestershire where people run, tumble and fall down a steep hill to win a wheel of cheese that is thrown down the hill, the outlet reported. (RELATED: Delaney Irving Gets Completely Knocked Out And Wins The Famous Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Race At The Same Time)

Watkins documented the race on his YouTube channel, iShowSpeed. In the video, he claimed to have learned about the competition from a homeless man and decided to enter the race on a whim. Watkins also said that the race had a history of causing injury and in one instance death to the racers. “I really hope I don’t die,” Watkins said in the video prior to entering the competition. Several of the locals appeared to be familiar with the influencer’s content and chanted “Speed.”

Watkins admitted in the video that he was unfamiliar with the hill and did no practice runs on it. Even so, Watkins said he came in fourth place in the race. The YouTuber mentioned that he had previously injured that same leg but thought the race was worth it.

“It looks scary, but once that first slide, you’re like, ‘you know what, I can do this,'” Watkins told BBC News. “I want to do it again because I know how to win now.”

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll that Watkins attended posted photos of the various champions who came from across the globe on Facebook.

Tradition has it that cheese rolling competitions were introduced to Britain in 54 BC, but the earliest written documentation of the sport on British soil goes back 1826, BBC News reported.