‘Life Changing Moment’: Isaiah Thomas Claims He Had AK-47 Pulled On Him (I’m Calling Cap)

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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Ain’t nobody believing this.

While NBA free agent Isaiah Thomas might be right about the state of America’s youth today, I can’t help but to call complete cap (LIES) on this story that he’s telling.

Taking to social media Tuesday, Thomas claimed that both he and his friends had a “life changing moment” when a youngster apparently pulled an AK-47 on them. And to make the story even more interesting (and here’s where I can’t help but to think he’s lying), Thomas said the gunman had backed down after he recognized him.

That was the only information that the NBA‘er provided. (RELATED: Bronny James Turns Down Several Workout Invites, Will Only Take Visits With Lakers And Suns: REPORT)

“Really trippin on how these young kids are moving around!!! I really had a life changing moment yesterday where a kid pulled a AK47 out on me and the homies and if it wasn’t for who I was and him recognizing me in my own city he probably woulda ended all of our lives. Be SAFE,” tweeted Thomas.

“We just gotta pray for these young men!!! God was working yesterday frfr. Damn it coulda all been over that quick smh. FOR NO REASON AT ALL!!!!!”

Thomas deleted the tweet just hours later after social media started questioning the validity of the story.

CAP! CAP! CAP! Isaiah Thomas, 35, knows that his NBA career is coming to an end and this is just a desperate attempt to stay relevant, that’s all. CAP!