Elites Found Another Way To Human Traffic Pretty Girls For The Obscenely Rich

Photo by ANTOINE BOUREAU/Hans Lucas/AFP via Getty Images

Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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Elites have found a way to make sex trafficking upscale with a new app, FlyMeOut.

While the app’s terms of service claim the company “stand[s] firmly against any form of exploitation, especially those involving minors or human trafficking,” this is essentially what it will be accomplishing. In what world will a wealthy man with access to a private jet and a sprawling suite with pool and dome views in Greece spend the time or money on an 18+ woman and not expect more than a smile when the sun goes down?

In the age of OnlyFans, our culture has become so disconnected from morality and desensitized by degeneracy that FlyMeOut will seem like a low-risk way for women without the means to travel themselves to find their way to beaches they otherwise wouldn’t. But at what cost?

Because we glorify instant gratification and trade sex for likes, it won’t even register to these women that their future husbands will be horrified to learn of their willingness to give themselves to a stranger for the chance to take Instagram pics on a beach. In ten years, Reddit will be filled with posts of 30-something men who found out that the mother of their children used to be a frequent flyer on beachthot.com and find themselves asking AITA (Am I The A**hole) for looking at my wife differently, knowing she sold her self for a trip to Dubi. (ROOKE: The Boys Will Be Alright, But What About Our Young Women?)

It’s hard to judge who is more in the wrong here. Is it the rich men who know their wealth can buy bodies or the women who know their bodies are up for sale? Either way, this can only end badly for the women used by FlyMeOut.

How are we supposed to market a traditional life with more meaning when our culture sells trips to Paris for the “small” price of women’s souls?