HART: Which Party Is The Real ‘Threat To Democracy’?

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Ron Hart Contributor
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Biden got confused again in a recent speech. He was distracted by (his handlers said) an “unfamiliar noise.” I can only assume he was referring to applause.

If you look closely at Biden’s eyes while he stumbles through speeches these days, you can see the “check engine” light flashing. 

Of course, he felt cornered after his awkward moment, and instinctively fell back on an old, focus group-tested standby: “Trump is a threat to democracy!” This is not to say that Joe is both scared and hyperbolic in his speeches now, but the Captain of the Hindenburg sounded calmer when ordering his crew to go find the fire extinguisher. 

Let’s talk about the Dem go-to campaign bumper sticker, “A Threat to Democracy.” Dems are taking a page from, among others (Lenin, Marx, Alinsky), Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, who had a simple strategy for deflecting allegations: “Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty.” 

With nothing going well — from the border, inflation and crime to all the foreign wars they are supporting with our tax dollars — Biden and the Dems needed a campaign slogan, one that redirects voters’ thinking away from Biden’s failures and diverts attention to and demeans Trump. They always seem to use the same old trope: “Trump is a threat to Democracy.” But if you ask them to define it, they never can.

Fundamentally, the United States is not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic. If you have any doubt the Founders wanted a republic and not a pure democracy, look no further than the famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware. You will notice that he is the only one not rowing. 

So who is really a “threat to democracy”? The Democrats. Obviously. Here are the top 10 examples:

  1. Merrick Garland sent DOJ goons to school board meetings where parents were lodging legitimate concerns.
  2. Dems have used transparent lawfare against Trump and his allies. They even aggressively arrested the MyPillow guy in a Hardees parking lot. He should contest that arrest in the Food Court of Appeal. 
  3. The Democratic Colorado Supreme Court voted not to allow Trump’s name on the ballot. Democrats from Maine essentially tried the same thing.
  4. Trump was framed for treason by the deep blue “Deep State.” O.J. Simpson looked less guilty when he took off for Orange County in that Bronco.
  5. Dems have tried to curtail Second Amendment rights and unilaterally forgive student loan debts to get the young vote. 
  6. Dems did not let RFK Jr., when he was polling at 18 percent in their primary, debate Biden. They gave him no oxygen. And, famously, Biden gave him no Secret Service protection. All they did was give him balcony tickets in the Ford Theater and ask him, “Would it kill you to watch a play?” 
  7. Fauci and the permanent health industrial complex made us give up freedoms over false COVID claims, only recently admitting that they pulled the “stay six feet away” dictate out of their asinine. I have long wondered how COVID can travel from China to the USA, but can’t quite cross those last six feet? 
  8. Dems and their operatives in the FBI/NSA colluded with Twitter and other willing social media companies to stifle free speech. And look as well at Dems suppressing right-of-center speech on campuses. 
  9. There was no more egregious “election interference” than suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the 2020 election.
  10.  Dems prosecuted the Jan. 6 demonstrators with unmeasured and unprecedented vindictiveness.

Usually if you ask a talking point Dem what “Threat to Democracy” means, they will say, “Jan. 6.” They are like soccer players wincing in fake pain, pretending it was a scary day when the cast of “Duck Dynasty” sauntered through the Capitol Building taking selfies and monkeying with the stapler on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. Oh, dear God! 

Oh no, we came close to an overthrow of our government for those three hours. If not for the brave Congressmen and -women running for safety blocks away, our Democracy may have been lost that day. Give me a break!

“Threat to Democracy” wasn’t always Biden’s go-to phrase. In a speech at Howard University early in his administration, Biden said “white supremacy” was our greatest threat. But in a scant three years in office, Biden has single-handedly destroyed any illusion of white supremacy. 

Ron Hart is a syndicated op-ed humorist, award-winning author, and TV/radio commentator; you can reach him at Ron@RonaldHart.com or Twitter @RonaldHart.

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