Husband Makes Grave Marriage Mistake By Giving Up On Sex

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Mary Rooke Commentary and Analysis Writer
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A husband took to Reddit to blame his wife for the “sexual frustration” he’s experiencing while married, which seems to be ultimately his fault and entirely avoidable.

The man, who goes by the username TylerB1216, supposedly took to the app to announce that he is planning to “stop initiating sex with [his] wife because she never initiates.” Tyler claims that when the couple is intimate, there is “nothing sexy about it” and that none of his “sweet talk” or “subtle gestures” go far with his wife, who “has expressed before that sex doesn’t hold the same value in a relationship” as he thinks it does.

“Before you comment ‘talk to her,’ I can assure you I have. We have had this discussion about every 6 months where I admit that I am sexually frustrated and want to talk about this in a completely neutral environment. Normally the conversation leads to her crying and I apologize, or she says she will be more open to initiating – which never happens. I’m ashamed to bring this to Reddit, but I need a third party opinion. I love her so much, and I’m hurting,” Tyler posted.

Redpill accounts would read this, coddle the husband, telling him that his wife is fridged and that this is grounds for divorce. Keep in mind that he says he is only 27, and she is only 25, and his grand plan is just never to be intimate with his wife again because he hasn’t taken the time to figure out what makes her feel wanted.

Real men used to understand that a beautiful dance happens between them and their wives, ensuring the romance in their marriage stays alive and well. (ROOKE: What’s The Point In A Husband Anyways?)

While the wife has a divine responsibility to generally acquiesce to his sexual request, if the husband wants an intimate relationship filled with passion, that is ultimately his duty. Feminism has made men whiny and emotional, stripping them of the masculinity required to make their wife desire their touch.

Still, blaming feminism only goes so far if, at the end of the day, the husband would rather complain on Reddit about his sex life than find what makes his wife tick and make her long for their romance. By giving up on finding how to please his wife, he’s, in turn, killing their marriage. What a wasted opportunity for a fulfilling life.