‘We’re Coming For You’: Fox Guest Rips Left-Leaning Outlet For Attempting To ‘Scare’ Support From Trump

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Breitbart economics and finance editor John Carney ripped Time Magazine’s piece on former President Donald Trump while appearing Wednesday on Fox Business, saying they’re attempting to “scare” people from supporting Trump.

Carney appeared on “The Bottom Line” to discuss a recent piece from Time Magazine which claims that Trump “targeted” big business leaders under his administration to allegedly “advance populist policies.” Fox Business co-host asked Carney his thoughts on the article and noted Trump policies “were great for American business in American families.” (RELATED: CNN Guest Rattles Off List On How Dems Lost The Working Class)

“This is absolutely them trying to scare people out of supporting Donald Trump,” Carney said. “I will say there is an element of truth in this. The age of the Republican Party being a servant to big business is over. This is a Republican Party that’s going to stick up for the working man. If you are a corporate leader who loves DEI, who loves the Green New Deal, who wants to ship jobs to China, who wants to bring in cheap foreign labor — yeah, you probably should be scared of Donald Trump. So there’s an element of truth. This is an age of economic nationalism but that’s not anti-business; that is profoundly pro-business.”

“What we see is a country that can promote both the working class and the business class,” he added. “What we can’t promote is this globalist conspiracy that has ruined America’s economy [and] is still earning it, fax Joe Biden. None of those people voted for Donald Trump, they’re not voting for him this time. I’ll just say it straight to the camera — we’re coming for you guys, you should be afraid. Read this Time Magazine article, it’s not wrong — we are coming for you, it’s wrong that it says we’re anti-business, we’re pro-business.”

As the 2024 elections grow closer big businesses have reportedly taken a step back from weighing in on the rematch between Trump and President Joe Biden, according to The Wall Street Journal. Some corporate executives have expressed their fatigue to WSJ over the election, with Cisco Systems Executive Vice President and Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer Francine Katsoudas telling the outlet how political debate shouldn’t be “encouraged” due to “how emotional politics leading up to an election can be.”