Jorge López Lets Out All Of His Frustration After Bizarre Ejection, Mets Respond By Hilariously Cancelling Him

(Photo by Luke Hales/Getty Images)

Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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You know how I always call the Mets dysfunctional? … Yep.

The top of the eighth inning of Wednesday’s game between the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers brought an absolutely hilarious scene. With the Mets facing a 9-3 deficit, relief pitcher Jorge López was oddly ejected from the contest, and at mid-count at that, by third base umpire Ramon De Jesus. (RELATED: Mets Reliever Jake Diekman Goes Into Full Out Rage Mode With Dugout Cooler After Allowing Home Run Against Guardians)

While exiting the field, López then began letting all of his frustrations out, starting with him throwing his glove into the crowd. And to make it even more comical, it was a Dodgers x Yankees fan group that caught the glove, it wasn’t even a Mets fan! (LMAO)

After the game, López continued to let his frustrations flow, slamming the Mets as “the worst team in probably the whole f**king MLB” to the press.


And to make this situation even more hilarious, the Mets responded by CANCELLING him. (I’m literally rolling on the floor laughing, okay, not literally … but you get my point)

How can one franchise be so dysfunctional? … Lord have mercy.