Forget Pride. It’s America First Month, Baby

Screenshot/X/Valentina Gomez

Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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America’s favorite millennial flamethrower is back at it this morning — and she’s coming in hot.

Valentina Gomez, the Missouri Secretary of State candidate who brought you hits like “don’t be weak and gay,” has a message for the alphabet mafia. This June, let’s skip the celebration of groomers and instead show our love for American Nationalism.

LGBTQ Pride month starts in T-minus 48 hours, and as always, it’s going to be insufferable. Expect leather-and-chain pervert parades all across the country while straight couples lobotomized by the media bring their toddlers along to show support. But I guess they haven’t gotten the memo: pride month is cancelled; it’s white boy summer. Thanks, Chet Hanks.

It’s going to be the Fourth of July all summer long. Americans are sick of having the not-so-secret gay agenda shoved down their throats. Walk into a department store and you find transgender bathing suits for kids. Turn on the radio and there’s your favorite artist debuting their new pride anthem. Turn on the news and they’re telling you your kids should probably be taken away by the state if you don’t use their made up pronouns. It’s not happening, but it’s good that it is.

Americans are DONE. They might be on board with gay marriage at this point (eye roll), but the tranny train is coming to an immediate halt. A strong majority of Americans oppose Big Gay’s worst predations against children. And the normies are finally swinging back towards Trump, mean tweets be damned.

Get ready for America First Month! Americans are done being bullied into silence.