Democrats Are The Real Racists. But There’s An Even Bigger Problem

Gage Klipper Commentary & Analysis Writer
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Democrats would love you to believe that America is a country overflowing with hate. They repeat this line so often and so forcefully, that it’s become the overriding narrative of American life. “America is systemically racist,” cries every liberal politician, media hack, corporate executive and celebrity, “and we must work together for change.”

There’s just one problem: it’s all a lie.

With all the most powerful institutions in the country committed to this lie, what we get is a culture of victimhood. The more one claims to be a victim of American society, the more prestige one earns from those who control the spigot of power and status.

As the Daily Caller’s latest documentary, “Demand for Hate,” shows, these perverse incentives have led to the now-common phenomenon of hate crime hoaxes. People take it into their own hands to invent the hate and oppression that every authoritative voice says is embedded in the world around them.

But the more politicians virtue signal about racism, the more they reveal their own hidden biases. Take President Joe Biden’s commencement speech at Morehouse College earlier this month. Look through the veneer of pseudo-empathy, and you’ll find a man with a pretty dim view of black Americans. (RELATED: ROOKE: Biden Paints Morbid Picture Of Morehouse College Grads’ Future In Speech Meant To Uplift Them)

Biden used his speech at the historically black college to reinforce the idea that these young graduates are victims, that they’ll always be under the boot of a racist society. “You started college just as George Floyd was murdered, and there was a reckoning on race. It’s natural to wonder if the ‘democracy’ you hear about actually works for you. What is democracy? That Black men are being killed in the street,” Biden said.

“What is democracy? You have to be ten times better than anyone else to get a fair shot,” he continued.

While continuing to spread the lie about systemic police violence, Biden also revealed the id of the Democratic Party. Democrats view black people as a monolithic group, not individuals with agency who possess different talents, passions and abilities. Assuming the lack of agency, they treat black Americans as though they are unable to uplift themselves at an individual level like other minority groups have done throughout American history (and as blacks themselves were beginning to do before the War on Poverty). It’s “the system” that has kept them down, and only the system can lift them up. This is what Biden means when he speaks of “democracy” — the collectivist schemes that Democrats dole out to black Americans to keep them voting blue.

This is nothing new. Conservatives have been pointing it out for decades. “Democrats are the real racists!” gets shouted so often it’s become a meme. Although certainly true, it doesn’t help anyone — least of all black people — to continue pointing this out. All it does is reinforce the Democratic narrative that racism is the driving force of American life — and that’s not an issue Republicans can ever win on.

Rather than pointing fingers across the aisle, Republicans should simply point out the truth: America is not a racist country. Anti-black racism is not a major issue in American life and hasn’t been in a long time. “Systemic racism” is an unfalsifiable abstraction. There is no need for a racial “reckoning.”

In fact, America is among the least racist countries in the world. Black people can and do get ahead, and there are prominent black Americans at the heights of every industry. Far from systemic racism, decades of embedded civil rights law and affirmative action have rigged the system is only one direction: to benefit minorities. And as “Demand for Hate” shows, a huge number of the hate crimes the left uses to sow discord turn out to be hoaxes.

When Republicans accept the premise that racism is the big problem in American life, they’ve already lost. Democrats own the racism narrative, and no amount of “but actuallys” will ever move the needle. Democrats are the party of group justice, of collectivist reparations and of using the power of the state to choose winners and losers among their favored (and disfavored) groups. They put their money where their mouth is while Republicans just sound off unconvincingly.

It goes against the conservative principles of freedom and individualism for Republicans to engage in these same tactics. But principles aside, Republicans will never out-do Democrats when their goal is to tackle the same made-up problem. They must re-frame the problem entirely.

It doesn’t really matter how racist Democrats are or aren’t. The problem isn’t that America is racist, it’s that petty tyrants like Joe Biden will say anything to remain in power. His concerns about fighting racism aren’t rooted in principle; they’re just a means to an end. Americans are starting to wake up to this fact, but Republicans must do more to show them the way.

Watch “Demand for Hate” today to learn more about how Democrats weaponize racism and make everyone worse off.

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