Video Shows Gargantuan Great White Shark Swimming Right By Fishermen In Australia

(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

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Terrifying and awesome at the same time!

Fishermen in Australia just had an absolutely incredible close encounter with a gargantuan great white shark. Just north of Newcastle in New South Wales off the coast of Port Stephens, harvest fisherman Jamie Culver caught the “majestic and petrifying” moment on video, saying it was the “most incredible experience” of ocean life he’s ever had.

Culver said he and his friends had just started fishing off of their boat, when all of a sudden a great white showed up and “swam around us for nearly an hour as we continued to fish.” The video, which was posted on his Instagram and has gone viral since, shows the massive beast circling their boat and getting close to the fishermen’s rods. (RELATED: Fisherman Reels In 131-Pound Paddlefish To Tie North Dakota State Record For The Biggest Of All-Time)

“To be both simultaneously petrified and in awe is a rare human experience and that’s the effect this wild apex predator had on me,” Culver wrote in his Instagram post. “I’ve always dreamt of stumbling across one but never imagined one this size. So graceful and peaceful in one sense but also the DNA of my nightmares. Amazing to experience it with great mates and a memory I’m sure I’ll never forget.”



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This settles it! I’m going deep sea fishing this summer when I go on vacation!

I had been going back and forth on it, but after seeing this, I’m in!

What an absolute beaut!