Pride Marchers Face Off With Pro-Palestine Protesters After They Block Parade Route

Image not from story (Photo by Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Pride parade marchers in Philadelphia Sunday were seen facing off with a group of pro-Palestine protesters after they blocked the parade route from moving forward, video shows.

Video posted to X (formerly known as Twitter) shows the chaotic moments between the two groups as a marching band in the parade attempted to move forward, however, they were blocked off by protesters. In one clip, a drum line with band members adorned in pride attire could be seen continuing to drum while appearing confused as they were withheld from continuing on the parade. (RELATED: Shocking Videos Show Pro-Palestine Activists Storm, Occupy Museum)

What appears to be the drum line conductor could be visibly frustrated with a large man in a black leather vest as he held out his arm in response. As the camera pans around the group the protesters could be heard shouting “Palestine will live forever!” while some held up a large sign that read “No Pride In Genocide.”

Another clip shows that police eventually got involved, with officials attempting to move protesters while they shouted “PPD, KKK, IRS, you’re all the same.” Pride marchers could be seen appearing confused as to where to go as the route continued to be blocked off.

The protest against the pride march was reportedly organized by Queers4Palestine, a group that has been known to organize protests in support of Palestine since the Oct. 7 terrorist attack against Israel. A statement released on Instagram, appearing to be affiliated with the group, by Queers4palphl wrote about the reasoning behind protesting pride, writing that “‘Pride’ cannot be separated” from the current “political and economic climate.”

“Queers 4 Palestine PHL calls on all Queer & Trans people to denounce Capitalism, Colonialism, and Empire as anti-queer and organize to bring about an end to the Zionist occupation and to all systems and entities which enable and normalize genocide,” the statement read.