Literal Chain Reaction ‘Likely’ Saves Man From Deadly Bullet

(Image by Pablo Stanley/Lummi)

Ilan Hulkower Contributor
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Colorado’s Commerce City Police Department expressed their awe about how a silver neck-chain ” likely” saved the life of a man from a bullet Wednesday in a Facebook post.

The around 10 millimeter chain “is likely the only reason the victim of a shooting we responded to yesterday is still alive,” the police said in their press release. (RELATED: Cops Arrest Alleged Thief Who Couldn’t Drive Stick Shift)

The police said in the press release that a bullet was fired during the course of a heated argument that would have lodged itself fatally in the victim’s neck but for the neck-chain. “As a result he suffered only a puncture wound,” the press release reads. The suspect who allegedly fired the gun was “arrested at the scene” and was charged with attempted homicide.

The police mused in their post that the chain could not be pure silver given that the metal was soft. “We’d say he really dodged a bullet– but in reality, he LODGED a bullet,” the police quipped and marveled.  The photos of the chain released by the police show a damaged neck-chain.

“Necklaces save lives. The jewelry industry has a new slogan,” the police tweeted Wednesday.

Commerce City was home to around 68,000 souls in 2023, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.