Michael Jordan Card Sells For An Astounding $2.9 Million To Set New Record For Highest-Priced

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History has been made, ladies and gentlemen!

A Michael Jordan basketball card has set a new record for the highest-priced after selling for an incredible amount of money. (RELATED: Angel Reese Slapped With $1,000 Fine By WNBA For Not Doing Post-Game Interviews After Loss To Caitlin Clark: REPORT)

An autographed Jordan Logoman card, which is out of the 2003-04 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection, sold for a whopping $2.928 million Saturday at collectibles marketplace Goldin. And to make the card that much more special, it’s numbered as 1-of-1, according to Dan Haiducky of ESPN.

Normally limited to only one copy, Logoman cards have NBA logo patches from jerseys worn in games. The Michael Jordan card that was sold Saturday is the first Jordan Logoman card to have a jersey from his playing days with the Chicago Bulls, according to Hajducky. On top of that, the card is graded as “Authentic” by card grader PSA and received a perfect 10 in regards to the G.O.A.T’s on-card autograph


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This is one of those “I wish I was rich” moments.

I’ve always been fascinated with cards, from sports cards to Pokemon cards, hell, even the old Coca-Cola card from back in the day. Remember those?

I remember getting robbed of one of them when I was a kid. I was in Wal-Mart with my dad, and there was another child around the same age as me in the exact aisle that we were in, and in true dramatic fashion, we both happened to spot a card at the same time (just randomly sitting on the shelf) and stared each other down to see who was gonna grab it first.

Well, long story short: He was closer and managed to get it faster than me. I was so bummed out.

And now here I am at 33 years old blogging about it on the Daily Caller thanks to Michael Jordan … huh, who woulda thought?