‘What Was The Crime?’: Progressive Activist Has Historic Meltdown On Piers Morgan Over Simple Question

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Hailey Gomez General Assignment Reporter
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Progressive political activist Francesca Fiorentini melted down Monday on British journalist Piers Morgan’s show over a question about the verdict in former President Donald Trump’s trial.

Fiorentini appeared on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” to discuss Trump’s guilty verdict of 34 felony counts from last week, which was brought forward by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. During the discussion with Daily Wire’s Michael J. Knowles, criminal defense lawyer Mark Geragos and Canadian businessman Kevin O’Leary, Knowles broke down his views on the political motivation behind the case and called out Fiorentini’s lack of knowledge on the charge. (RELATED: Here Are The Senate Republicans Who Have Not Endorsed Trump)

“So my fellow panelist here is celebrating that the rule of law has been vindicated and overturned 234 years of American legal tradition,” Knowles said. “I would challenge her to see if she could possibly articulate how and what crime Trump committed. Because so far Alvin Bragg the DA has failed to do so, the judge in the case, Judge Merchan, has failed to do so. They can’t do it because Trump didn’t commit any of the crimes for which he has been convicted.”

“Well, let’s just ask quickly…just on that point, what crime did Trump commit?” Morgan asked Fiorentini.

“It was, it was — campaign — it was financial crimes,” Fiorentini responded. “It was white-collar crimes that is exactly what they charged him and he was convicted on.”

“What was it?” Morgan pressed.

“Which one though?” Knowles added.

“What was the crime?” Morgan continued.

“It’s New York state law!” Fiorentini shouted.

“I understand, what was the crime?” Morgan asked.

“I don’t even like — he just got convicted on 34 counts of like cooking the actual booking,” Fiorentini said. “So you are not allowed to use your own financial, like your own money, to pay off somebody. And then he wrote, he logged it as something different. He logged it as just a regular payment. But he was actually paying off this to keep quiet, which if he hadn’t been running for president would not have mattered but he was. So it impacted campaign finance laws in New York State. Okay? That is what — Juan Merchan just oversaw this. Alvin Bragg brought these charges, Michael Cohen was already sentenced to three years to do it.”

Morgan then turned his attention to Geragos asking from a legal perspective if Fiorentini’s assessment of the case was correct, to which Geragos stated he would “educate her” on the matter. As the criminal defense lawyer continued his breakdown, Fiorentini was seen looking down at what is believed to be her phone before turning her attention to Geragos.

Knowles later slammed Fiorentini again to call out her lack of knowledge for the second time, triggering her to push back on the Daily Wire commentator.

“I don’t mean to pick on Francesca too much here, but it’s very telling that even the liberals who are going on television to defend this ruling, have to Google in the breaks to figure out what the crime was. And even then I’m sorry to say, misrepresent what the actual supposed crime was —” Knowles stated.

“I will Google it because it’s literally not my [job]! I said he was cooking the books, that’s the same thing,” Fiorentini jumped in.

Trump was convicted of 34 felony counts regarding alleged falsified business records involving a nondisclosure payment to porn star Stormy Daniels. Former Trump attorney and the prosecution’s key witness Michael Cohen claimed in his testimony to the court Trump allegedly directed him to make the payment and agreed to have the plan reimbursed through falsified business records.

One of Bragg’s lead prosecutors, Michael Colangelo, previously worked for Biden as an acting associate attorney general and spent two years in the Biden administration. Additionally, Federal Election Commission (FEC) records have shown that Colangelo received thousands of dollars in 2018 from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for “political consulting.”

Presiding Judge Juan Merchan was also found to have donated $35 to Democrats in 2020 in payments made through the Democratic online fundraising platform, ActBlue. The payments were earmarked as a $15 donation to Biden, a $10 donation to a Democrat outreach organization called Progressive Turnout Project and a $10 donation to a subsidiary organization of Progressive Turnout Project called Stop Republicans, according to federal election records.